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MPG? what are you getting?

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Hey chaps,

had my new zetec blue for over a 1000miles now and only seem to be getting 39.5mpg. i'm not booting it and driving leisurely to work (17 miles) with maybe a mile of town driving.

is this typical?

watching top gear at the mo and they are getting there big engines to ridiculous figures!

state you engine, age and mpg to see if we are beating the crunch!

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Hi, I drive a Fiesta 1.25 Zetec 1999. It' got just over 73,000 miles on the clock and it gives me bout 38-40 mpg's. I do have an induction kit and a stainless steel backbox, but I'm not sure how much more you would expect with stock parts.

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Our new Zetec blue 1.4 (June 08) - 2300 miles, commute to station 5miles of 30/40 mph limit.

I have always brimmed my cars tank to calculate consumption and find the Fiesta fuel readout to be pretty accurate - this returning 39 - 43mpg.

Prior vehicle 1998 1.25 Zetec returned the same figures for the 9 years we owned it but it was driven quicker as the 40mph limit was changed from 60mph recently.

Interestingly enough owned a 1990 fiesta Turbo with 185 bhp and it returned 38 mpg on the same run.

I think the difference is the volume of traffic on the roads, places where Id be in 5th gear at 30mph last year now require 2nd and 3 sets of traffic lights have been installed over the last couple of years.

Did 20 miles of 60mph motorway driving on Saturday and the display showed 48 mpg.Wife went to shops then her mothers on Sunday - its now reading 42.

My 2000 Zetec S - 29000 miles is used mainly to do 56 miles of motorway driving at 65 mph and usually returns 47 mpg.

I do think you will see a 2/3 mpg increase as the engine slackens off.


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