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Worst Cars You Have Ever Owned

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Posted 22 May 2011 - 09:21 PM

I was just browsing the web and came across this The worst cars you’ve ever owned Some funny reading on there. One guy had 16 cars in one year and he said they were all dogs.

29 March 2011 23:56:17

Iv been driving for 2 years now (Im a late starter at 29). My wife owns a car so me...being the lesser experienced driver gets the banger lol, litteraly. I had 16 cars in a year and I swear every single one of them was shagged in some form from oil leaks, Knackered clutches, general rust, mot failures...i could go on all day! Im sick of it!

In the last 45 years I've owned sixteen motors, well I can remember sixteen :rolleyes:.......and none of them were oil guzzlers :P

Austin A35, Ford Anglia, Vauxhall Viva, Viva SL, Ford Cortina, Viva estate, Peugeot 504 estates x 2, Rover SDi, British Leyland Maestro, Nissan Sunny, Rover 216 GTi, Mondeo, Mk1 Focus, Volvo S40, Mk2 Focus.

That averages out at one nearly every 3 years. Though I kept a couple, the Nissan Sunny for 11 years and the Mondeo for 10 years or thereabouts. Shortest kept was the Rover 216 GTi bought without her in doors seeing it....didn't like the colour for fecks sake.....

The one that cost me most money as a percentage of what I was earning at the time, was the first one. It developed this habit of cutting out, and I used to just tip best part of my wage packet up on a weekly basis to this mechanic. He was the father of the electrician I was apprenticed to at the time. He swapped every thing, plugs, leads, coil, distributor cap, battery, had the head off did the tappets, re seated the valves.....yer I know, but when your eighteen and clueless, your in the lap of the gods, and he was so persuasive that he knew what was wrong with it. I sussed it myself in the end, it was a knackered mechanical petrol pump, ten minutes to swap at the side of the road for one out of the scrappy.

The worst I suppose was my first Peugeot 505 estate, it seemed to be jinked from the day I got it. I bought it because we had a village store back then, so needed it for the cash and carry. I bought it during the "Winter of Discontent" Google it. Council were on strike, snowing like hell and no gritting being done. I had bought it earlier in the week and went to pick it up from a town high up in the Yorkshire Dales after they had serviced it, taxed it and put new tyres on it all round. On the way home I lost it on a bend, I saw the back end trying to overtake me on the off side :rolleyes: over corrected and took about five danger posts out on the near side. Resulting in me ripping the rear bumper off. I could not even hide my shame away as it was to big to shut in the garage. A mechanic mate of mine on hearing my tale of woe, said. I was thinking of you picking the 504 up in the snow, you not used to a long wheel base, and those new Michelins being !Removed! in the Snow....I said now you tell me!

Anyway it was OK until I raced a Jag from Cornwall all the way back up to North Yorkshire. I won but the Peugeot was never the same again, it kept blowing head gaskets so got rid of it....for another would you believe. That one was always failing to start in the cold and damp. Funny thing was two French engineers working on a job at a local spinning mill were renting the cottage across from the shop. The shook their heads every time I dragged them out to give me a push start down the street. But as we were the nearest stockists of wine to them, they had to keep on my good side. :D

Worst British car I had, had to be the Maestro, you could not over take if it was raining as it used to cut out when you were along side the car you were in the process of overtaking. Bleeding embarrassing that was, so swapped it for the Sunny, I only parted with that when it got written off by a four axle wagon [ as it was not one of the earlier Jap rot boxes I was able to walk away without a scratch.

Edit: hubballi you need only supply a link to yours ;)

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