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Diesel Black Smoke

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Hi my mondy has started chucking out black smoke and lots of it any ideas ? Its not a split hose as iv checked them all :(

If the hose is not split - hose to recirc valve that is - then it's likely that the recirc valve(and poss inlet manifold) wants cleaning. I do mine every 10k miles(which I think is a big downer for the tdci). It's not difficult, just a dirty job, and doesn't take long. Lots of prev posts on how to do it. Be careful you don't cross any threads on reassembly tho as they can be a bit fiddly. I did mine at 60k miles first time and it really makes a difference to performance and mpg. If you have the engine without an electrical plug on the recirc valve you can blank it off so you don't need to do it anymore. Unfortunately if it has a plug you can't. Mines 56 plate and I can't:-(


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