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To Eibach Or Not To Eibach?

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Hi All,

I have a new focus (1.6 ecoboost Tit X on 18" wheels) on order for delivery in September.

I currently drive a Mk2 ST.

I notice that a dealer fitted option on the new focus is Eibach springs.

I would like some opinion on this as a fitted option to increase performance/handling. I realise the new car will never handle like my ST did (I'm prepared for the performance downgrade!) but would like to know what advantages the Eibach springs would offer me. I'm not fussed about a harder ride, as long as it isn't any harder than my ST - does anybody know how it might likely compare?

Not so much interested in the aesthetics of a lowered chassis, more interested in any improved handling.

Also to note, There are many speed bumps in my area, so I'd like to know that the lowered focus would be no lower than my ST.

Finally, would there be a significant associated increase in insurance for this mod? (10%, 50% - I have no idea)

Many Thanks

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Surely if it's a dealer/factory fit option, then it's not a mod?

I too have been wondering whether it would be worthwhile on my 2.0 TDCi

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Hi, only factory fitted mods aren't a mod as they come with the car. Dealer fitted means from standard build, does that make any sense? :D


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Not sure if this helps at all being a Fiesta, but I opted for the Eibach springs as an option. The ride doesn't appear to be any lower than the standard springs, however the ride is noticably stiffer.

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Hi Pavr

I would take a little dime reading about dampers and their effect of suspension as if you are looking for increased performance dampers are almost a requirement.

We do offer adjustable dampers for the focus, however if you are starting with a standard car, I would recommend looking at our PSX kits which include the adjustable dampers as well as the springs.

By using adjustable dampers you can 'turn them up' for when your having fun, then a quick adjustment and its nice and soft for going shopping etc.

Quite often I will soften the car up before a long trip, then stiffen it back up for day to day driving.

Hope this helps.

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