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Fusion 1.4 Tdci Electronics Problem

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I have a Fusion 1.4 TDCI Zetec Climate on an 06 plate and has just done 40k miles.

Switched off last night and all was fine.

Started up this morning,....ABS DASH LIGHT ON.....,BRAKE WARNING DASH LIGHT ON.....ENGINE MANAGEMENT DASH LIGHT ON..Engine will only tick over and does not respond to accelorator pedal. Tried disconnecting the battery to see if fault would clear, now it wont take a radio code either.

The car is booked in to Lookers for Monday for diagnostics but I wondered if anyone else had experienced this so I know what to expect when the dreaded phone call comes from their Service Reception with their shopping list.

Would appreciate any input.

Sea Sider.

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Well, What was the outcome of the diagnostics?

Hi NTech,

The diagnostics showed up as a failed ABS Module. Evidently on the diesel version it has the ability to shut down everything...and it did. Anyway it was not as painful as some of the horror stories I had heard.

I left the car with Lookers as it had to be towed in, and out again if I was going to take it away. £550 supplied and fitted and back on the road same day. I had noticed the car developing a slight acceleration hesitation on the days preceeding the module failure which has now gone...so I guess it's possible that the module was on the way out anyway.


Sea Sider

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Hi Sea sider.

Thanks for the reply.

I need to keep an eye on the acceleration issue as mine hesitates sometimes but not so you would notice it a lot.

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We had exactly the same problem with ours 2 days after we bought it. Fortunately it was repaired by the garage we bought it fron...guess what it was ABS module.

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