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Should I Shoot The Car?

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Hi all. I have been working on a friends 53 fusion 1.4 duratorq and it has a major problem now. It needed the injector seals replacing and the timing belt & tensioner replacing.

I got the seals from ford and all the rest of the parts are from unipart.

The car drove into my garage fine and had the work done but when it came to starting it it was difficult and once running was very rough.

The water hasnt just been taken out of the expansion tank but was sucked out and ended up with the oil.

After replacing the timing belt I set up the 3 points to check the timing, took out the locking pins, rotated it 10 times and it all lined up again fine. The tensioner was also still set up fine.

Now the car turns over for a second then stops and there is a whine from the starter motor.

In my experience this means the timing is not set up right and the water problem is either a head gasket or cracked block.

Before I strip the head off for a manual check does anyone have any ideas of anything else it might be or had a similar experience?#

Thank you in advance for any advice or suggestions.

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