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How To Remove/open/disassemble Your Boot/trunk Trim/cover On A Ford Focus Mk2

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Being a relative newbie to the Ford Focus scene (got one recently) I discovered that my boot/trunk handle (with a micro-switch) did not work, and to make things worse, the boot would open all by itself during driving!

I did some research and figured that it would either be the water in the cable connector (which means when you press any control that kicks off the lights on the tail the boot goes off) or that the actual handle micro-switch was somehow damaged.

So on one fine day, I decided to poke around and peeled the rubber cover of the actual boot handle, and I swear to god, what looked like half a pint of water came out of that handle, together with some white stuff in it, which was either coagulated wax from the power wash injected water, or the corrosion of the aluminum (or whatever metal) parts within.

I have then decided to leave it like that, to see if the micro-switch would dry off and stop producing the issue. Well, the issue persisted, and as I later found out, the micro-switch has not dried off either, despite the hottest week (30C) in Ireland, EVER!

For this little experiment, one will need a Torx screwdriver (my nuts'n'bolts required T13), a little wrench (10 I believe) and a bit of other odd tools you probably already have lying around.

Next time I will use my Canon 30D, honest! Better pics, 8MP, not so large, and better quality!

Step 1: See the handle holes there on the hatch door? There is one Torx screw in each:


Ford Focus mk2 Boot Open by FlosDeLux, on Flickr

Screw 1:


Ford Focus Mk2 Left Hatch Boot Handle by FlosDeLux, on Flickr

Screw 2:


Ford Focus Mk2 Right Hatch Boot Handle by FlosDeLux, on Flickr



The other little piggy thought it was a splendid idea and joined the first one! by FlosDeLux, on Flickr

Now comes the part which I was personally not sure about! Once I take the screws out, then what? Well, turns out all you need to do is gently pull downwards, prise the plastic cover from the metal hatch, and with a measured, but firm pull, the plastic "trim" will snap off, delivering no damage in the process!!!


Ok, I know the title is dramatic, but no, not really, everything is actually quite OK! Notice the plastic "snap guide" and the metal snip/snap click/clack next to it, that actually keeps it clicked in!

Due to shortageof 3D glassess this will be presented in 2D. The object of our interest is the two black pins that are actually further back then the two we just pulled out, seen to the left of them. These will suffer the same fate soon! Mwahahaa!


Don't Pull At It Even More!!! by FlosDeLux, on Flickr

Bust first, lets be methodical in this carnage and pull out the other side pin as well!!!


OH NO! NOT THE OTHER SIDE TOO?! by FlosDeLux, on Flickr

Ooops! This just fell out! :) Just kidding! Thats the way it is supposed to go...


You monster! You broke its plastic boot hatch trim off! by FlosDeLux, on Flickr

And finally, the left back side as well...


Thats it! Its dead now! by FlosDeLux, on Flickr

At this stage, it is important to note: If any reddish liquid, looking like synthetic blood starts bleeding during any of these actions, it means your Ford Focus is a Cylon, and you just made the machine bleed!

If not, you will be a producer of mechanical !Removed!, exposing the bits of a Ford Focus boot hatch, from backside:


Ford Focus Mk2 Boot Hatch with removed plastic trim by FlosDeLux, on Flickr


Almost like them panties shots, eh? by FlosDeLux, on Flickr

Great success! You have removed the Ford Focus Mk2 Boot Hatch Plastic Trim!!!

Reverse the process for putting it back in. Actually, you might need to punch it a bit for the little metal thingies to pop in properly, you'll know its fitting right when its all snug, tight and secure!

Hope this helps out all of you lasses and lads out there. Apologies for some... unwarranted lingo here, and of-course, no mice were stuck in the exhaust pipes during this process (we used cats, we'll stick mice in for the next tutorial, honest!)


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In short: Undo the screws and then pull the plastic off!

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In short: Undo the screws and then pull the plastic off!

I always found that a picture speaks a thousand words. ;)

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How many pictures does nine words need then?

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Quality guide mate, ideal for upgrading to the chrome boot pannel aswell,


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In short: Undo the screws and then pull the plastic off!

How many pictures does nine words need then?

if your going to be sarcastic about it can you refrain from posting any comments please.

Its a great guide, not everyone is confident about attacking a car with a screwdriver, it also shows where those clips hide!

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Thank you very much, there is no advice on this in the Haynes. like you said undo a screw then brute force. this guise gave me the confidence to remove the panel .

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