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Snapped Cam Belt

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:( Hi all need some help please.

the cam belt snapped today on my '97 1.4i escort,i was at the time just pulling into a space in a car park so at max was only doing 5mph.

there was no noise,bangs or rattles it just died,as if it had ran out of fuel,or stalled.

however i did try and turn it over and try to start it before i knew it was the belt,it turned over fine still with no noises.

in your vast wisdom is the outcome looking very hopefull,or is escort doomed?

any advice welcome as im not mechanically minded. :huh:

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Uve probbly bent the values in doin what uve done,

With out talkeing the head off, u cant tell how much damage has been done,

As u might have damaged the pistons to,

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I would get the engine leak-down tested as this will tell you if you need to take the head off or not. You don't need the cambelt attached to do a leak-down test as the air is blown in when the valves are at Top Dead Centre (unlike a compression test) and I think we can safely assume that valves are now in the closed position, unless they are bent, of course. No engine gives a 100% leak free reading and a main dealer, or tuning garage, should be able to tell you what is normal for a Ford Escort.

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Hi a big thanks to you all for your help,been to local garage they want at least £600,cant afford that so im going to cut my losses and sell it on ebay.

so if anyone interested,im near lincoln and open to offers.

heres some details:

1997 1.4i cl

80,000 miles

m.o.t 30-11-11

tax 30-11-11

just had new downpipe and lambda sensor,front brake hoses and pipe



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