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Mark M.K

Foc Meet 16Th October 2011

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Hi all,

It's that time of year again where FOC have the chance of a forum meet!

The details are as follows:

Date: 16th October 2011

Location: Caldecotte Arms, Bletchern Way, Caldecotte, Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire

Postcode: MK7 8HP

Time: 12:00 PM

At the moment i'd like to take a list of names on who can attend this meet. So please do let us know soon as possible if you can attend on this date.

Members attending:

Mark M.K



Michael P






ROB S140



As a bonus, FOC have teamed up with the one and only Dodo Juice! Dodo Juice have kindy donated a sample pot of their famous wax, an applicator pad, and a buffing cloth. To be in a chance of winning this amazing prize, all you need to do is turn up at this meet in a clean car. It's as simple as that! On the day of the meet, the winner will be picked by the members who attended the meet. Most votes for that car will win the wax.


Dodo Juice

The T's & C's for the competition are as follows:

The prize is 1x Dodo Juice Starter kit - 30ml wax, applicator pad and buffing cloth.

You must be an active member on FOC.

Only one vote per person is allowed.

The prize has no cash value, and is non refundable.

You can use any product to clean your car before the meet, that also includes Dodo Juice.

The prize will be given to the member with the most votes on the day of the meet, which is the 16th October 2011.

The event organizer (myslef) will be excluded from the competition.

[Added by DanGull]

I just wanted to say congratulations to Mark - who has been appointed as the member in charge of organising FOC meets in collaboration with the other mods and managers. He organised a cracking meet in Milton Keynes a while back - so he already seemed the obvious choice, and now this one goes to show it was the right call.

Nice one Mark - welcome to the mod team.

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for all those attending i have about 15 of the new FOC stickers going free, will be on a first come first serve basis to those that have not got them already

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List & location is updated. The meet will take place at our usual spot in Milton Keynes - the windmill pub :) Details are as above in my first post

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Being as your so special you can have two

Cheerys matey - or cupcake as another member called me the other day :lol:

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is this meet just being attended by mods or something

and michael of course

:lol: Looks like it for now...But lets get the word around that FOC are having this meet!

I also have a update from Dodo Juice. They are giving us a pot of wax, a wax applicator and buffing cloth! So this is a whole starter kit for waxing your car's!

Put your names down to attend to win this amazing prize!

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I now have the box of goodies from Dodo Juice (many thanks if you're reading this!) I can now confirm the details of what items you can win! They are:

1 x 30ml pot of Dodo Juice Purple Haze PRO

1 x supernatural finger mitt

1 x Basics of bling extra soft buffing cloth

This prize is worth almost £18!

Get your names down to win this amazing prize thanks to Dodo Juice!


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I'm hoping that at least ONE of you is pleasantly surprised about the car!! My mum has now got hers, (the picanto is gone!), and it's really nice!!

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we can alternate! be warned, NO ONE is sitting on my car this time. if i find anyone even thinking of it, i'll slash your toes.

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