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#1 Steve



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Posted 03 September 2011 - 10:53 AM

Something has to be done about traffic humps? Has anyone had any problems with their tyres or suspension?

Some of these are really dangerous or annoying for homeowners living near one. I used to live near a speed hump and got fed up with hearing cars going over these and cars undersides being scraped. The whole neighbourhood is plagued with the !Removed! things!

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#2 fiesta_lad


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Posted 03 September 2011 - 07:21 PM

They are a pain in the !Removed! but these days it still don't slow people down i agree they are all over the place. It wrecks my head when u slow down for one and you have some idiot behind with a wide car that just misses them

In college they are ridiculous even going over them slow u still feel the harsh bump way to high i've been tempted to drive up a slope on the grass just to avoid them lol

#3 MRC89



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Posted 03 September 2011 - 07:58 PM

They are a pain in the !Removed!

Quite literally!

I live near a really awkward one in a rural area, It's on a hill, and I even caught the nose of a MK7 Fiesta style on it. I haven't dared to try it in my Zetec S! It's really high and steep and very awkward in a normal car. Other than that I live in a modern village development and there's speed bumps everywhere. Most people won't slow down for them, others feel the need to slow right down.

The one's with the rubbery parts on them, they can break off in sub zero temperatures, leaving metal bolts sticking up 2-3 inches in the road, had this happen to one of ours a few years back, and there were many punctures in the few days it took to be fixed...

When I recently visited Buckley, just outside Wrexham, they had speed bumps that were literally painted onto the road!
I don't object to the built in chicanes as traffic calming, they liven up a straight road ;)

#4 Danny87


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Posted 04 September 2011 - 09:36 AM

They seem like a good idea, and to be honest when they first came about they probably were - but it seems like they want to put them all over the place. There's roads in my area which are 30mph zones, and there's speed bumps. It just seems like an obsession to me.

As others have said they don't even seem to slow people down, you get the boy racers who love 'em because it allows them to show off to their missus the performance of their 1.0 litre 8v 106 :D.

The worst thing is driving along, and someone is coming along in the opposite direction, so you move over only to hit the speed bump on the slightly wrong angle, and you feel your car smashing over it. I think to myself "Ouch, my poor suspension & tyres" and it makes me cringe every single time.

We have them in town too, I was talking to someone who drove in Spain and they said what happens there, is if you're going too fast in town then the traffic lights will change to make you stop. It seems like a !Removed! good idea to me, and I know it's something different but it just shows there are other ways to slow traffic down but traffic calming should only be used in known speed hotspots, at least that way it would keep the traffic moving on other roads and save money. I'm sick of paying all this money to the council, and they leave pot holes open for months but place new speed bumps in areas where you couldn't realistically speed anyway. Proud to be British eh? :D

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