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Will My Tyres Pass ?

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Right, my MOT is due on the 13th of October, and I'm pretty sure the ole MK4 Fiesta 1.25 Ghia will pass, but the one thing that is worrying me, is the tyres.

At the moment they are at about 2mm (I estimate, because they are a tiny bit above the "notch" that marks 1.6mm), but we will be traveling at least 500 miles prior to the test.

My question is, will the tyre's treads wear down 0.4mm in 500 miles ?

I know the safety experts would say "change your tyres before they get to 2mm!", but money just does not permit, and we need to use the tyres as long as is legally possible.

If the tyres will be fine, I'm sure she'll pass.

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Are you traveling 'but we will be traveling at least 500 miles prior to the test' to the mot testing station?? if not why not get the mot done before you travel as the date of your post is the 15 Sept yet your mot is due 13 Oct so you are within the 28 day before due date and you'll have 13 month's mot

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Hey mate, my MK5 is the same as yours on the front. I have about 2mm across the centre so right now it's legal and there's no splits or any other damamge to the each tyre. My MOT is due on December the 1st but I'm gonna get it in for its MOT during November (it's my Birthday so I'll be using some Birthday money!) and hoping they'll pass with maybe an advisory.

I'm not betting on it though so will probably end up replacing them way before the MOT but will go for cheap tyres as I'm not really bothered about performance - just keeping my car on the road with money in mind. I think 'bangeromics' is the right word lol.

You could try swapping the front wheels for the rears - this will slow the wear down a little because the front wear quicker (they do most of the braking and traction).

Hope that helps a little bit :)


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heres the jobworths part of me opinion, 2mm is pretty much useless in wet weather and will seriously effect your grip, braking distances etc. i think they say 3mm for wet is min for safety. so for that sake and for the fact we are in autumn and coming into winter (snow next month apparently) get them changed!

but i fully understand your situation, funds are always short as holidays come and go. what you could do for a temporary fix is buy part worn tyres, i managed to find 2 205/55/r16 fitted for £50. but id only use part-worn as a last resort and to get me through an MOT.

for news i managed to find fitted new tyres £125.

i have to admit for the first 3 months of getting my focus i was on slicks, couldnt pull out of a junction in wet without the good old wheel spin :lol: but now i have kumhos on, grips like crazy in wet...

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