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Mk7 China Sport Grille - Group Buy

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Hi everyone

As some of you might be aware I have a good connection with Boomerang (They do the Armrest) in the USA. Well basically they are bringing over a load of these grilles (See below) at approx £105 delivered.

Hopefully the more people we get to commit to buy the more the discount. Also from the picture below you can see I have had mine sprayed, this can also be an option for extra ££.


Please let me know if you are interested, also if you know anyone who isn't on the forums and might like one of these grilles let me know. Also don't forget you can also get the armrest through a Group Buy if we get enough people interested.


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Hi everyone


This is the link for grille we are now selling on ebay. I really need definate numbers for a group buy as we will do it seperatly through paypal trying to get under £100 delivered. Also I can get them pre-painted if you are interested as well.


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Right, sorry it has taken so long for this group buy to actually work. The problem still is the code. As Boomerang are based in USA they can only use dollars to give a discount, so because the currency rates are up and down there is no consistency. So all we are going to do know is ask you guys to send a paypal payment to an address (Below) and stating what options you want with regards to painted none painted as well as you address.

Just to remind you lot that the standard grille price is £95 delivered within the UK. The pricing for pre-painted is on here: http://www.boomco.com/2008-2012-ford...o-fiesta-only/

Delivery times for the pre-painted grilles will obviously take longer.


Have a look on website link above and pick what options if any.

Send paypal payment to info@boomco.net and state your address and options in the notes box.

thanks and look forward to hearing from you


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