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Totally Shocked At The Condition Of Our '11' Plate Hire Car

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So basicly our 10 plate focus had a little knock and we have been given a black ford focus zetec 1.6 tdci hire car it has the sport and comms pack.

The car itself is stunning compared to the rather boring/plain look of our moondust silver focus.

But the condition of the car is horrendous, all the alloys are marked the paint work is shocking! Dents, deeps scratches you name its got it the interior is no better, looks like someone has tried stealing the sat nav, all the seats are stained, the windscreen is cracked, its done 16,000 miles (since new) without even a service, the oil is as black as black can be and is as runny as water, the whole car vibrates at anything above 70 mph, this poor car has really been through it,(i would of taken it back if i had paid to hire it).

Not that i ever would but i am definatly not ever buying an ex hire car.

The first thing i did when i got it home was gIve it a good wash. Also drives diffrent to our car which is fundamentally the same it seem to be more jumpy and i can only seem to get 50 mpg max out of it, also the steering is much stifer comparing both cars in sport mode.

On a good note though it seems the bigger alloys dont ruin the ride atall! Still rides hard like ours but is very well damped never feels crashy :)

Rant again is over haha :)

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lol. I feel sorry for the poor sod who does buy this car after its lifetime with this dealer...

my ford courtesy car was a fiesta titanium 11 plate and it was the same the inside, it was disgusting the windows were so manky you couldnt see out of them so when i tried using the washers there was no fluid the aircon kept clicking on and off constantly there was bits of window trim hanging off the list goes on oh and it was on red for fuel , mileage was 7k on the clock

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