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Mk3 Mondeo Rear Brake Caliper Refurb

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The N/S rear brake caliper has a slight leak from the handbrake actuator arm. I have got the rebuild kit. Removed the caliper. Cleaned it all up. Removed the piston and both the large seals. The leak is from the rear of the cylinder and I can see the small o ring seal in the kit that is obviously the one that is leaking but how do I get the mechanism out of the caliper. There are 3 spring (clips?) and what looks like three lugs but how does it come apart? Don't want to damage it by going at it like a bull etc.. Can anyone explain or point me to a website with a diagram?


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Thanks for the link. Had already looked at that but it's for the front caliper. Trying to remove the handbrake mech from the rear caliper to replace the rear seal. The Biggred kit contains the seal so figure it must be possible to change it. Will talk to Biggred tomorrow and see if they can give me any advice and will post it here. Have two new front discs and pads coming tomorrow as well. I towed caravan all round Europe last year and am now paying for it with new brakes. ;-)

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Finally got it apart today after talking to Biggred. The handbrake mechanism is removed through the front of the caliper after removing the piston. First take off the operating arm and then simply tap it out with a soft headed mallet. I had already disassembled it in situ but it was very easy to reassemble before changing the 'o'ring seal on the shaft and refitting. There is a locating spigot on the base so that it cannot turn as the lever is operated.



This is a pic showing the disassembled mech if you don't want to do it the easy way. ;-)


Shall refit and bleed tomorrow and replace the front discs and pads. Hopefully brakes all sorted now.

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Hi GrahamH, These rear calipers are a constantly reoccuring problem. I followed your example to disassemble the rear caliper. Piston came out with the air trick but the spring mechanism was more difficult. I thought it was just stuck so put it in the vice to ease it out. My mistake, in that I sheared the 5 sided bolt that stops this mechanismfrom rotating when applying the hand brake.

I think I have the earlier caliper off a 2001 Estate TDDi.

You do not mention this 5 sided bolt, and the mechanism is different.

Anybody know where to source a 5 sided socked?

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