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Help With Valution & Where To Sell Please

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Hello all at ford owners club,

I am going to try help my mum sell a car she inherited from her father, it has been garaged for 15 years, and not been touched.

It might be a little tricky organising the sale, as I live in Sussex and the car is garaged on London. I think she had plans to learn to drive and use it, but it just did not happen.

The car is garaged in London and is Ford sierra, red saloon, GL petrol, manual,engine 1993cc, & last known milage 80,000

I do not have a clue what state the engine, tyres, ect.. or what the inside is like, & will surely need some attention, I can only assume that the body work will be in good shape, although dusty as it has been garaged for 15 years, but like to add I have not seen it, & do not have a picture at the moment.

I would appreciate any help with a value, and the best place to sell, I am sure some-one would love this as a project, and will check back for any replies...

Any more information required please ask and I will do my best to answer..

Many thanks...

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Have a look around ebay or autotrade or have a look through ford classic car mags, that should u give a rough in what 2 ask 4 it, depending on condition of motor,

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Also worth checking out Completed Listings on eBay as a lot of cars are sold this way now and this will show you realistic prices that cars have actually sold for (or not).

Realistically, a non-special edition Sierra with no MOT is only going to be worth a couple of hundred quid. Even with an MOT they only go for £400 at the very most. You might have got a bit more if it was a Ghia or an estate.

Best thing is to stick it on eBay (or similar) with a £200 starting price and see what happens. Auto Trader and the like will be an expensive way to sell a car as cheap as this.

Do you mean 1978 in the title of this thread? Sierra's were first built in 1982...?



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