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Need Carb For Crossflow Engine

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Hello all just a brief introduction my name is roy i have a mk3 escort 89 wich has a new rebuilt mk1 xr2 crossflow engine dropped in and i finally got the chance to hear it try to start yesterday but failed miserably and im not sure why, i have a new distributor + coil wich was fitted and is all in workin order as i have a spark its manual petrol pump wich wont feed the carb as the engine wont run so i tried to force feed the petrol through the carb and still had no joy so im not sure wether the carb is buggered as i brought it off ebay for £12 only solution i can come up with is to buy a new carb and see how that go's but that is turning out to be a problem in itself as i need a manual twin choke dft and i cant find 1 any where even burtons dont sell it, if a new carb fails to work does any1 have any ideas as to why it wont start? many thanks regards roy.

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