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Guide Fitting Cruise Control Focus Mk2 & Mk2.5 And Ford C-Max

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To be fair they do have to change them, by commenting the pc pressing buttons and ticking boxes and saving it lol

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Has anyone had any success in flashing the PCM for CC on the 1.8 TDCI?

I have read on the Russian forum that some firmwares on the PCM will delete PATS bindings meaning you might not be able to start the engine after flashing.

There was a list of known firmwares to do this and I'm hoping mine isn't one of those firmwares on that list. I bought a modified ELM327 and I will check which firmware I have when it arrives.

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Fitted the new steering wheel and enabled CC in the GEM and the HEC. The buttons test works but no cruise control. Looks like I need to flash the PCM. Just got the latest ELM config software as the version I had did not support PCM configuration. I tried reading from the PCM yesterday but kept getting errors, the ODB lead I have has always been temperamental so have ordered another.

Must say I am really really nervous about flashing the PCM, I have flashed loads of phones and MP3 players over the years, but this is different.

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is this on a ST?

ok guys everythings on hold :( the steering wheel i got is from a focus c max part number 3M513600CG and the airbag unit from mine wont fit :( this wheel takes a 4 point airbag fixing and mine is a 3 point .... Does anyone know what the part number would be for an airbag and cover unit for the new wheel ???

Thanks for your help


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Finally got mine working. The stumbling block was enabling cruise control in the PCM. The problem was a bad ELM327 lead followed by another bad lead. A good one finally arrived today. Was quite straight forward for using the latest version of ELMconfig - Version 0.2.17b. The only thing that wasn't obvious was that it is necessary to obtain the PCM firmware from the information page of the PCM section and then select it from the drop down list on the 'Configuration' page. It only took a few seconds to read and then re-program the PCM.

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Hi All,


After joining the forum a little less than two weeks ago and reading through a lot of your posts, I am glad to say I am really happy I joined you all!
The cruise control was my first real mod to my MK2 Focus and after trial and error I have finally got it working tonight! So, on that note I thank you all as you've all helped in one way or another...

Enabling the CC in the HEC and the GEM was the easy bit, ordered a modified lead of eBay and happy days...
Turned out the lead wasn't suitable for the job of programming the PCM as it wasn't rated to the 500k that it was described as (being returned tomorrow for a refund)
I then bought one from Yeah, it was about twice the price but I was assured by him it would work, low and behold, it did, so if you're worried about getting a dodgy one, give this guy a shout and order it from his store.

I don't know how some of you guys managed to do the procedure so quickly because mine took around 45 mins to read from the PCM and about 35 mins to write to it, each time!

If some of you guys are struggling this may help it may not, this is how I did mine;

1. make sure you have a decent modified ELM327 cable

2. Download the latest ELMConfig from (at the time of writing this, the latest was 2.17)

3. Enable in the GEM and HEC module (Self explanitory)

4. Now, this may not be the way some of you guys did this part for the PCM, but it's how I did mine;

   - Open up the PCM page
   - Read the VIN Number
   - Open the information tab and click "Read"
   - Go to the configuration tab and click "Read from PCM"
   - Follow the instructions
   - Ensure that the PCM type in the top drop down box matches yours
   - Click on the Procedures tab and select page 2
   - Click Read firmware from PCM to BIN-file (This took around 50 mins IIRC)
   - Next click Load Firmware from PHF/HEX/BIN-file
   - I had a dialog box pop up here and ask me if I wanted to load this VID block, I selected "NO"
   - Return to the configuration tab, select Integrated Speed Control
   - Return to Procedures Page 2
   - Click Write current firmware to PCM
   - I then had a dialog box pop up and ask me if I wanted to use the current VID block, I selected "Yes"
   - Once this procedure started, I had a warning message on my dash clocks saying "Engine Systems Fault"
   - This procedure took about 35 mins to complete (I had to do this part about 5 times until I figured out what I had been doing wrong)
   - Once this part had completed, it rebooted the PCM and the error dissapeared

5. Test drive and enjoy!

-- Please note, I would highly recommend you save and save again throughout this as you don't want to lose you PCM configurations - I won't be held responsible for any damage or problems caused to your vehicle from following the method I used --

-- This is how I did it with my car - MK2 Focus 2.0 TDCI 136 Titanium - It may not work for yours but it may help someone in a sticky situation --


Best of luck and thank you to everyone posting their little bit of info, all helps someone like me! I hope I can help some of you :-)


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What did you actually do wrong at step 4?

Sent from my GT-I9195 using Tapatalk

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I had selected the wrong answer to the vid block question, when I was doing my research search I had only found that people were coming across 1 question about the vid block instead of the two I had. 

The ones I used so,  No then Yes was the order that applied it successfully.

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