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Guide Fitting Cruise Control Focus Mk2 & Mk2.5 And Ford C-Max

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Posted 30 July 2015 - 09:47 PM

FatLadZ & int0x13, as Igor said, those buttons are designed for the 4 spoke steering wheel. They could be fitted to a 3 spoke wheel, but I'm on the same side with Igor about this, in my opinion it would look too weird (that's only my opinion). As you can see in this photo, the angle of spokes is different on 3 and 4 spoke wheels, so the buttons don't even sit correctly next to the two upper spokes on a 3 spoke steering wheel.


Please bear in mind that if you decide to install those buttons on any 3 spoke or 4 spoke steering wheel, there are two parts (problems) in this process, first you will need to cut away a small part of the steering wheel side wall, and second, you will need to find a material of suitable quality and shape to fit behind the new buttons. Try to find a photo of OEM steering wheel with cruise control with airbag and buttons removed and take a close look at it, you will notice that there are two thick rubber pads behind the cruise control buttons. If you just cut the side wall and fit the buttons, the space immediately behind the buttons will be left empty. 


Regarding the Chinese radio control stalk buttons, I have fitted them to my car just as Igor, and they work perfectly. The build quality is great, they used nice but sturdy buttons. I have taken it apart and guess what, the Chinese actually modify an OEM radio control stalk and fit the buttons, so the quality of the actual radio control is OEM. I even find having the button on the radio control stalk convenient, because I like to keep my hands a bit behind the wheel while driving, and I often change stations and volume, so for me, having the CC buttons there is more convenient than if they were on the steering wheel.


When it comes to installing it, it's the easiest option, even easier than simply replacing the wheel. You just plug out your old radio control stalk, plug in the new one, and then you need to connect the two CC wires. When you remove the steering wheel column plastic covers, you need to find the right connector. It is located exactly beneath and behind the steering wheel (on the down side). You will see a straight connector with 9 wires. Disconnect it and connect the two cruise control wires to connector wires 4 and 5 (brown and white). You can connect them either way around, it will work. Then follow the procedure for activating the cruise control. Please notice that since you will probably need to disconnect this connector in order to connect the two CC wires, disconnect the battery first and wait for at least 10 minutes, because that way you will also disconnect the airbag wires.


Here's a photo of the connector (from Focus schematics) with the two CC wires marked in blue:





Hey, i took quite some time to decide between the normal CC buttons and the stalk kit. The things that made me choose the normal buttons:

1)The stalk kit is a lot more expansive than the normal kit (37$ vs 70$)

2)I think that the standard buttons around the wheel are more natural and more convenient to use. I dont find it handy to use the standard radio stalk buttons to ajust radio things so i dont even imagine what it  would be using it to setup the cruise control (even though i've read that you've get used to it with some time). Moreover i think it's really important to have the best access to CC buttons for security reason, i mean most of the time you will use it on highway and you have to be careful and focus on your driving.

3)About the issue with the style and fashion of the buttons around the wheel with 3 spokes, i mean it's not a big deal to me. I mean do you think it is ugly like this?


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Posted 31 July 2015 - 06:20 AM

Int0x13, to me personally those buttons look a bit like they don't belong there, but that is just my personal taste. You are right about the oem-like buttons being cheaper though. If you like the looks of it, go ahead. Just do some researching and planning on how you're going to fill that gap behind the buttons.

When it comes to safety, those clutch and brake switches are the most important thing regarding CC. If you end up in any kind of emergency, you're not going to press CC buttons, you will react instinctively just like you never had CC, and pressing any of those two pedals automatically disables the CC.

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