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Tailgate Not Working Remotely

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Ford Focus LX TCDI Estate 2003

Tailgate no longer releases with fob or dashboard button, only key in lock.

Replaced catch mechanism - did not solve problem. Suspect I need new solenoid/motor/acctuator?

Wire cable that pulls catch open is attached to solenoid/motor/acctuator.

Tried on-line parts company but they sent me totally wrong part. They now say they need photo of correct part.

Any ideas please, I know nothing about cars whatsoever. I have a mechanic friend who does all my servicing. When I get correct part, he will fit it

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Doddle to fit.

Done this myself on my old MK1 before i sold it.

Damaged wires in my boot loom had fried the solenoid.

I had to transplant the lock barrel from the old one to the replacement and i found the info on this site.

With the one i've linked above the old lock barrel has already been removed so half way there already.

When you remove the old one, just pull the locking unit apart and there is a spring loaded pin on the metal plate.

Push this in and rotate the plate to disengage the lock barrel.

The barrel then just rotates back on to the new solenoid unit and the pin snaps into place.

When refitting the lock unit just make sure you check the adjustment of the lock as there is about a 1/4 inch height adjustment on the bolts.

It really is a doddle.

If you had to remove the lock barrel from a transplant part then it is a bit more involved as it means having to cut a notch out of the barrel above the locking pin so the pin can slip out of place (obviously stripping the new solenoid down to remove the pin is not advisable as there are a shed load of small springs and cogs which will fly all over the shop and never fit back properly again).

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The lock barrel on my tailgate is completely separate from the locking mechanism and is about six inches to the right. My locking mechanism does not have a motor, it has a steel cable that is pulled from a motor??? elsewhere within the tailgate.

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Thank you Stony871, you are getting warmer. I have already replaced the locking mechanism, I now need the electric thingy that pulls the cable to operate the catch.

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I finally had to resort to diving in and taking off the tailgate trim and having a look myself.

Stoney871 was correct with his advice about the boot lid locking device.

Received the correct part and fitted it but boot lid still does not operate remotely.

There does not seem to be any trauma with the wires coming into the boot lid and everything else seems to working OK.

The boot lid does not operate either from the button on the dashboard or from the fob.

Is there a relay of some sort under the bonnet that may not be working?

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Check for power getting to the solenoid first.

Does it make any sound on activation? if not maybe the wiring is loose somewhere or a fuse has gone?

Not sure if there's a relay or not sorry.

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Did anyone resolve the isue with the tailgate not working, as I have an 06 Focus and I have changed the Solenoid and Switch on the tailgate but still dont open, doors working fine and Alarm, fyi power getting to one of the four wires going into the solenoid...

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