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04 1.8 Tdci Turbo Problem

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I've got a 04' 1.8 tdci 115ps, with a turbo issue, it's lost it's power completely, and I can now hear what sounds like bits of metal ratting around either the turbo or the engine somewhere. The engine turns over and idles ok though, havent started it up since the loss of turbo issues though. Car's got a full service history 50/50 ford and local independant.

After looking around other posts it sounds like the vanes have come apart from the turbo, does this sound about right??

Is it worth getting it repaired ( probably new turbo circa £1000? repair or even new engine £3k - £4k!? ) or just get shut and sell for scrap, it's on 135k so probably only worth £1500 or somet.


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Hi, if its the turbo that gone, get a second hand one, you can get them off e-bay for around £200+ just remember to get the right one, as they have different oil feeds.

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After some diagnosing with ford service, they're saying that it is probably a vane has come off and stuck in the turbo rattling round, and recommended a replacement turbo. They were quoting me £1100 - £1400 to replace the turbo, pipes and flush the engine.

I'm pretty savy with mech repairs, brakes, oil filter etc etc - is it fairly straight forward to change the unit myself or something garage would be best doing? I'd rather have a go myself if it's £400 of parts!

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the hardest bit will be corroded nuts and bolts try doing it with gloves on and a warm engine or buy a small gas torch to get rusty bolts red hot first ,just be careful to not set fire to anything .ALWAYS REPLACE THE FEED PIPE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Thanks for all the advice.

It took 3 turbo's but eventually the third one worked, they were all off scrappers, but the first two were only 20 quid each with no warranty, first was faulty all ready the second had same broken spindle problem as the existing one but the 3rd worked a treat but I guess you get what you pay for, it was £220 with 6 months guarantee.

Looked at doing it myself but as mentioned above the bolts were rusty and would'nt shift - did'nt fancy using a torch on it tbh.

The oil feed pipe was blocked then split somehow, which knackered the turbo, here's the cost breakdown in case someone else has same issue.

Turbo: £220 (with manifold)

Oilfeedpipe, £60 (ouch) Inlet Gasket £12, Exhaust Gasket £18, Oil and Filter £30.

Labour was £200 but they had to replace a spring also so not sure how long that took.

Total: £540. (Probably £490 if you take the spring replacement labour off?)

Parts not used: £40 (2 x shot turbos)

Mechanic reckoned 99% of the time it's the oil pipe, he recommends replacing them/cleaning every 12 months with the service.

Job done, I had the same issue on a golf tdi, and that was £600 all in with a refurbed turbo, not sure if thats good or bad really.

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I'm just about to get to work on my 56 plate 1.8 tdci turbo..

It's been whining for ages and finally the car stopped running..

New turbo priced slightly under 300 quid..

Time to get busy n see what's what!!


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