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Fiesta 1.25 Finesse Project

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Hi everyone.

Im looking to do something different with my fiesta. Its the 2003 mk 6 finesse model. I know that its not quick and would cost a bomb to make it quick without an engine conversion. Does anyone know what engine would go in with the least amount of work possible and not too much money spent. The something different that i want to do to it will come in after an engine most probably. Soooo any ideas???

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hi anti

You can do these things if you have money

1. Get it remapped (5bhp at least)

2. Panel Filter (1-2bhp) Cone Filter (same)

3. Sports Exhaust (4-5 bhp)

4. Sports Catalyst (4-5BHP)

Bearing in mind the std BHP is 75 net and that is before it goes through the transmission (at least 25-30 BHP per wheel) some power is lost in the gearbox

Bearing in mind that the engine is standard remember that increasing the power of the car is of course very costly so is the insurance you need to enable you to drive the car.

Insurance may go up substantially because all of the above are classed as modifications.

Also Increasing the Engine power means it requires more stopping power

Renew Brake Pads with fast road versions. Consider replacing the disks for performance ones. Change the brake fluid

The Clutch will also have to handle more power and if this is already well worn it will finish it off.

Sorry if this puts you off. its easy to plan these upgrades but paying through the nose for them is the hard part with both insurance and the actual parts etc

p.s add me as a friend and i will help as much as poss

Jamie :-)

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If it doesn't have ABS then you have only the 1.6 (100bhp) as an option.

If it has ABS then you can swap the ST engine in. It's very unlikely it has ABS.

I recently swapped my finessee 1.4 tdci to a 1.6 tdci, its a fun project but I required a whole donor car to do it so I could add ABS/Canbus.

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Awesome man thanks. At the risk of sounding like an absolute idiot whats the easiest way to find out (without slamming the brakes on) if i have abs or not?

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