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Streetka Soft Top Rear Screen Cracked

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Our screen cracked recently, after removing the whole hood, we found that the plastic screen is zipped into the hood and we have no idea on how to unzip it (as there is no toggle available). Does anybody know how to remove and replace the plastic screen. We know where we can get a new screen quite cheap, so it is just a case of refitting it (if we had some advice on how). After lots of research the specialist companies that can do this job are charging between £150-£200 and are not local, Fords charge nearly the same value as the car itself! Also, replacing it with a second hand hood is not an option (as we have just done this already but now wish to repair the old one and sell it to get our money back). Please help!!!

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Hi David

Thanks for sending through the screen I received it yesterday and fitted it this morning.

It was a little fiddly with the zip but a perfect fit...

I've attached a photo here:DSC_6353.jpg

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Hi I have the same problem it literally happened today could u help? Also how does the zip work a lot of comments say it's bonded?? Thanks!!

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Thank you for this feedback tsultana <_<

Stokoles, many people have successfully changed their rear screen here and yet they had never done, So I think everyone can do it with my instructions ! :)

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Hi Steph

It was really quite easy.

I checked out a few dealers and garages but they wanted quite a bit of money and the only place that could do it was miles away from where I live.

I emailed david@cristal-cabriolet.fr after an internet serach showed this posting and ordered a screen from him, he sent me full instuctions with a video showing exactly how to do it.

Now the zip is a little fidly but I have fat fingers so that was more down to me than the product.

Just take your time and do it on a dry day or in your garage if you have one.

The screen is bonded in so once you remove the staple and use the screwdriver to release the zip you then need to remove the screen.

Then clean the area where the old bond was and align the Zip as per instructions, close the zip and re-attach the staple and close this with pliers.

Once you've secured the screen you can remove the cover for the bond and secure with a little presure and you are done.

I fitted it in under an hour and I'm useless at diy.

I hope that helps


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Hi there,

My rear windscreen split on me tonight I was just wondering if you needed to take the roof off to replace it or is it a simple inside job?

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