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Philip Male

What To Stick In The Spare Single Din Slot?

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After doing the double to single mod i've currently got the cheap nasty open pocket that came with it in.

I was huting for a nice flapped or retract pocket of some kind, but the cup holder ones on Ebay look nasty, the drawer only version was out of stock.

I got one for an MR5 but the front is a bit too small, the DIN cage shows around the edge, and i can't find a surround thin enough to fit.

You can get one for a Scooby, but after the MR5 one i'm loathed to get another that won't fit.

BMW ones are only for sunglases, and are tiny

I pondered something a bit fancier, my only clock is on the radio, and that stops me viewing the other MP3/RDS info.

if i wanted simple, i can get a DIN blank, cut it, and fit this flush inside


This is a bit more work, it's too big to fit, but remove the case the LCD should fit in the blank ( if not remove the LCD from the board, then rewire to put the function buttons in the front


DIN sized clocks... stuck in the 80's


Any other suggestions of things that'll fit in the DIN??

Nothing Kevvy, or that would be found in the chav section of halfords

yep, the ebay links suggest i want it cheap, so 700 quid double radio units that do everything are out of the question :rolleyes:


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You tend to find the reason they include trays underneath the radio rather than just a flat panel is so that the radio and cage are supported correctly - aftermarket radios tend to not have the support pin at the rear as per stock double din radios.

May i suggest you get one with a removable tray so you can either cover it or find something that will fit the slot at a later date.


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Thats exactly what i have now, i just want something more interesting to go in the lower slot.

other than drinks holders, stereos and the odd amp theres nothing much interesting to fill the hole with.

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Aye and I'm looking for something to replace the blanking plate for the drinks holder that's not there on a mk3 Mondeo.

Is there anything available?

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Found a few for the ST, but yer, a bit chavvy.

temps and date would be more more use than the boost pressure i don't have :lol:

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