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Parking Senor Problem

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Last few weeks I've been having problems with the parking sensors on my '59 1.6 TDCI, front and rear factory fitted jobbies. When reverse selected it starts beeping even when nothing behind, it can carry on until the (forward) speed is about 10 mph? Today I moved towards a parked car and the front sensors failed to register anything. The LED in the switch on centre console continues to flash all the time even when pressed to disable the sensors.

Don't think its dirt on the sensors, the car still does this after being washed and with the dry weather don't think its water effecting it.

Any one had these issues or any ideas?

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Try un-plugging each sensor in turn and see if the problem remains , you may be able to narrow it down to one sensor

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It's booked in tomorrow for them to look at.

I'm expecting it will;

  • Start working as soon as any Ford employee gets near it, or more likely,
  • Plugged into computer to confirm it needs a part that will have to be ordered and can I bring it back again next week,

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Update – Finally got car booked in for new sensor fitting this morning. My work means that I often don’t know where I’m going to be from one day to the next, let alone trying to book a day a week in advance.

Being lead to believe it was simply fitting of the sensor I’d booked a doctor’s appointment later in the morning....

8:00am dropped car off, sensor/s fitted, problem not fixed. They start looking for what the problem is but didn’t find it before I needed it back to get to the docs.

Now booked in again next week (if work doesn’t mean I have to cancel), this time I’ll leave it with them all day.

It would have been useful if they checked the initial computer diagnosis by simply plugging in a spare sensor!

It's going to have taken 6 weeks to fix a noddy stupid problem. Electronics have no place on cars.

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Left it with them all day Fri and they have managed to fix it. Chaffed wire near front bumper. If only they'd had a visual check initially and not relied on 'Computer says no' diagnosis.

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