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Sony 6 Cd Changer Aux

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Sorry if this has been already been asked, does the Sony 6 CD Changer have an aux port on the back of it as it has a CD/AUX button on the front. I cant find the plug anywhere. Sorry if this is a stupid question :(

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The aux input is part of the big (FAKRA) connector on the back. The 3.5mm jack is in your glovebox (top right).

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When you remove the connector block (quadlock) from the back of the radio the aux connector will be where the green plug is on the photo.

hey ya m8... do you know which pins are which? - cheers.

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Do a web search for fordwiki and search there for ford quadlock.

Sorry I can't post the direct link here.

dude, cheers for that... i found the page "quadlock for stereo facelift" its in the mondeo category, but im hoping it covers the focus too...

Connector A (C517/C518)

Speakers (C517)

Pin 1 Right Rear +

Pin 2 Right Front +

Pin 3 Left Front +

Pin 4 Left Rear +

Pin 5 Right Rear –

Pin 6 Right Front –

Pin 7 Left Front –

Pin 8 Left Rear –

Power (C518)

Pin 9 CAN +

Pin 10 CAN –

Pin 11 Keycode Ground

Pin 12 Ground

Pin 13 Alarm Sense (From GEM)

Pin 14 Illumination

Pin 15 Battery + (From F72)

Pin 16 Ign. Sense (Accessory) (From F69)

Connector B (C520)

Pin 1 Mono +

Pin 2 Sw A+ (Switched Output (On when stereo is on) - Used with Rear Seat DVD's)

Pin 3 Aux L+ (CD Changer)

Pin 4 Aux R + (CD Changer)

Pin 5 PTA (Phone Mute)

Pin 6 SWC (Steering Wheel Controls)

Pin 7 Mono -

Pin 8 SWC Gnd (Steering Wheel Controls)

Pin 9 Aux L – (CD Changer)

Pin 10 Aux R – (CD Changer)

Pin 11 Rev Sense (Used for Navigation)

Pin 12 AVC - Speed signal for Auto Volume Control

Connector C (C519)

Pin 1 RSE L+ (Rear Seat Entertainment)

Pin 2 RSE R+ (Rear Seat Entertainment)

Pin 3 Mono 2 +

Pin 4 Sub W +

Pin 5 Aux 2 L (Glovebox Aux Socket L)

Pin 6 Audio Gnd

Pin 7 RSE L – (Rear Seat Entertainment)

Pin 8 RSE R – (Rear Seat Entertainment)

Pin 9 Mono 2 –

Pin 10 Sub W –

Pin 11 Aux 2 R (Glovebox Aux Socket R)

Pin 12 Mic.

Submitted by DJAZS

Retrieved from "http://ford wiki"

now, the pin12 on connector c is mic, im assuming the gnd is audio ground? now i have this as a starting point i will try poking my multimeter about again...

i never knew about fordwiki before, but with a quick glance looks VERY useful. cheers for the info dude!

rev sense wire looks interesting to fit an auto lock anti hi-jack mech onto the titanium too

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Far as I'm aware the connectors are exactly the same.

There are a couple of members here that I believe have tried fitting Mondeo radios to a Focus and the only thing that caused problems was the shape of the radios.

They worked fine with the wiring but don't fit the Focus dash.

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