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Front Fog Lights Ford Focus 2010

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i have a 59 plate ford focus which is the facelift model NOT the new model. Pic of the car on profile picture. I need to change the bulb in the front fog lights and was wondering if anyone knows how to remove the front plastic cover without breaking it as the instructions in the manual are very vague, and i havent been able to find any videos on the internet. I would be greatful if anyone could help me out

cheers chris

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Hi Chris

the front is held in by four tabs , your safest bet is to remove the main headlight which is one screw and then push two tabs down with a long noce screw driver.

unplug the light and remove.

from there if you look down at the fog light you will see the back of the tabs sticking through , use a small blunt object to push the back of the tab , this will then allow you enough space to get your fingers behind the cover from the front , pull it evenly all the way around and you will get access to the fog light with out braking the surround.

check out my DRL guide in my SIG for pictures.

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Hi mate,

if you remove the headlight as pree has advised then you dont need to remove the front off the foglight units,

because their is enough space with the headlight unit removed,

for you to reach down and twist then pull the H11 bulb from the fog light unit and replace the bulbs.

see how much space you have with the headlight removed. in the image below:

that thing with the red ring is the H11 bulb



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Thankyou lenny and preee, that info really helps and makes the task much easier,

Cheers biggsy

What bulbs did you fit mate, upgrades or standard replacmets?

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I fitted some Xenons 55w Super white. Look brilliant. My sides, Dipped, main and spots are all super white and look like HID's. They were off a website called Xenons.biz. Really helpful and all at bargin prices. i know they are not the real thing but give the car that Sophisticated look. They are quite bright as well give you much more light to drive with on dark roads :-)

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