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Abs Help Please

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Well my abs and traction control light has been on since i got the car , and now the dreaded time of the year is nearly upon upon me, so i need to sort it. Basically i have been told the traction control light is on due to a faulty abs sensor so....... is there a way of checking ABS sensors apart from visialy checking them? Would it be a fault stored on the ECU to indicate which one has failed??

Any help would be muchly appreciated .



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Jack up the car and take off the road wheel. The ABS road speed sensor cable should be visible within the wheel arch. Locate the connector (usually 2-pin) and disconnect it. Behind the wheel hub should be the road speed sensor, which is bolted on and near the crown wheel.

With your DMM set to ohms, connect the probes to the connector, road speed sensor side (so it measures the sensor and not the ABS system). Take note of the value with the road wheel stationary. Now rotate the wheel hub and you should observe the resistance changing. It may not be a smooth transition, but it should change.

If the resistance value does change, then the sensor is OK. If it doesn't, then you may be looking at a new sensor, or there is a broken wire in the small amount of cable form leading to the sensor.

Just to make sure im not reading this wrong lol. are they impling that i disconect the plug( not the sensor in the back of the hub) and put the multi meter into the lug on the the sensor cable its self?..And many thanks for the link, :)

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I left my self open for that one really lol.

Cheers for your help though. I appreciate it

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