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Ford Fiesta Fusion

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Hi, im new to this forum! :rolleyes:

Ive just been and got my first car after passing my test 4 days ago.. Ive bought a Ford Fiesta Fusion 1.25 Petrol R Reg.

I opened the bonnet and to my suprise... 16v Zetec-S.

Whats up with that? Is that a normal ford fiesta engine? Ive heard the Fusion is a limited editon import but also that its got really good MPG and puts out almost as much power as the 1.4 engine in most fiesta's??

Can anyone shed any light on this for me?

Is there a reason the engine says Zetec-S????


Ninja12 :D

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First off welcome!

Are you sure that its not just a cover over the engine as a way of trying to show off?

Thought that, but when looking on the internet.. found a number of places with the same info about the car... it really is a Zetec-S Engine

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In that case! WOOP WOOP :) Smart first car :)

The lump that ford used on that car, either 1.25 or 1.4, was a zetec one. The same engine that is in the zetec-s, only it has a different cc, a blooming good engine, just make sure you use decent oil in it otherwise the bottom end could have problems.

I had a 1.4 version myself, and they are quite responsive, i took a 1.25 out for a test drive a few years back and was well impressed. Possibly as it is the nippier 16v engine rather than the rather laclustre endura-e that is in the 1.3

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The "R"- reg vintage shows that the car has hydraulic tappets, and there were some issues needing special Motorcraft 5W30 oil. Ford eventually withdrew the engine and reworked it, involving a change to Bucket-and-shim type tappets, and any company's 5W30 fully Synth oil would do. Mobil is now the standard, but some dealerships use Shell Helix.

Your early ZETEC-S engine will still need the Ford oil, and a Ford dealer may recommend use of engine flushing oil, at oil-change servicing. ( sticky valves was a problem ).

The revised ZETEC-SE engines came into service in the 2002 year, after the 1299cc Endura SOHC engine got the push, but was retained in the Ka, giving a rough 69 bhp, using a chain drive to the cam. ( the V. long chain was noisy, as was the tensioner.

These SE engines have been named Duratec/Sigma.

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