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Ford's Servicing Strikes Again...

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Well fun times after my first service, according to Ford's my chassis resembles a cork screw rather than a car... So here's what they had to say;

N/S FRONT: Inner - 1.98 Mid - 4.86 Outer - 2.94

O/S FRONT: Inner - 1.89 Mid - 5.16 Outer - 3.37

O/S REAR: Inner - 5.11 Mid - 6.50 Outer - 5.37

N/S REAR: Inner - 4.78 Mid - 6.23 Outer - 5.23

So, it seems as though my car is in a spot of trouble according to Ford, my front tracking is all over the place as is my rear... But then alas 2 more problems;



Well these had me straight to Kwikfit, who on seeing the figures above were like, 'You'd need a stupid camber to get that wear...' so they got it up on the ramp, 4mm in the side of the tread on the N/S that they showed me, and the 'deep cut' wasn't even 1mm deep in a tread, but furthermore there was indeed a nail, which was right in the middle of a tread and not even puncturing, but would have been completely repairable if it had...

I was also warned on my lights, apparently because I have blue bulbs they're illegal, when they give out a brilliant white light... Had a fog light bulb not plugged in too somehow, but rather than plug it back in preferred just to tell me about it...

So it seems not only can the monkey's at my Ford garage not take a tyre measurement, they can't turn on a headlight or plug in a bulb either. Or check the spare tyre seeing nothing was moved in my boot... I wonder if they checked my belts and levels, because the tyre pressures weren't looked at despite being crossed off as done.

Anyone else with any fun tales? :P

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Well Arnold Clark (not Ford) actually stated that my tyres were gaining tread between visits on my last car! At the service they said 4mm and then 3 months later when it was in for warranty work that said 5mm. I measured it myself and it was more like 4mm and 3mm.

Tyres wearing unevenly is often tracking though by your results it also might indicate under inflation with the centre not wearing as much as the sides.

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I dont think those wear figures suggest anything too significant. The outer wear shows that the fronts may be very slightly tracking out and the fact the middle tread depths are higher suggests that the tyres have been under inflated for most of their life.

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Been back to Kwikfit, tracking is perfect and the figures Ford gave are miles out. And I check my pressures weekly :P got a compressor at home so they're always checked before using the vehicle rather than a petrol station 5 miles away when the tyres are warm :P

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My car's going in for a service tomorrow and I'm expecting them to point out the tread on my tyres. I'm down to just over 3mm on the rear and just under 3mm on the front. The wear on the tyres is even front and rear. I have my own tread measuring gauge and check them all monthly.

I'm seeing wear of about 0.5mm every month at the front and 0.5mm every 2 months at the rear so know I have a couple of months wear left in the tyres yet. I normally replace at 2mm.

I checked them last weekend so it will be interesting to see what they say....

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