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1.6 Tdci Sooty Deposits Around Turbo?

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Recently noticed what looks like sooty deposits around the pipes and castings around the turbo at the front of the engine. Because of the heat shield it’s difficult to see properly and tell whether its normal road/oil/engine grime but looks like sooty carbon. Will try and get some photos up.

Car seems to be running fine, although the other day whilst sat in traffic it bonged and flashed up engine malfunction/service now for about 5 seconds?

Has anyone else noticed this on their car around the turbo?

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I think it is quite normal now that these diesels are running on such high pressures in both the injection system/compression/exhaust heat and boost.

Any stale oil etc will stick to clean metal surfaces.

slightly off topic but this is one of the reasons that Diesel Exhaust pipes last much longer because they have an oily sooty internal protection.

If the carbon is sufficient to impair the operation of the turbo charger then it should be thouroughly cleaned out and depending on the mileage Serviced/rebuilt


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