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Vicky Hamilton

Rear Bush Replacement

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hello our mondeo 2001 mk3 tddi needs the rear bushes replaced for the mot however i have been reading its better to go with the poly bushes as they are easier to fit than the OE ones however i have a couple of questions

1 - if i buy the removal tool and change in situ do i have to remove the rear wheels and jack car up on axle stands or can they be done with wheels in place

2 - if i get poly bushes is it correct that the metal outer casing of the original bushes stays in place ( ie only remove the rubber inserts ) ???

3 - is there anything i have missed???

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Hi and welcome.

Polybushes are better quality than Ford original parts and will last longer and give a more stable ride.

It's best to remove the wheels so that you have better access to the bushes.

The bushes just replace the original rubbers as far as i'm aware so just need to be fitted into the original mounts which unbolt from the anti rollbar.

It should be 2 bolts and the two halves of the mounts seperate then slide the old bushes off the rollbar.

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Once the clamps are undone the bushes just pull out.

If they should be a bit stiff to refit a dob of washing up liquid will help.

The only thing that may play you up is the bolts holding the clamps may be corroded, a shot of heat from a gas torch will free them up.

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I'm pretty sure that the bushes come with a split on them and when you unbolt the mounts for them you just pull them straight off the roll bar.

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Hi Vicky,

Reading your post, you are referring to the rear sub frame bushes, and not the anti roll bar bushes as a few people semm to think you mean.

I replaced the rear subframe bushes with flo flex ones, yes they insert into the metal casing in the subframe.

I put the car on ramps, and did one bush at a time so as not to alter any settings on the subframe.

Undo the single bolt on the bush. then remove bush, right, I found this a right pain, I have removed cylinder heads from my cars, gearboxes and changed clutches and it is a pain in the rear. I suggest you use a deep 44mm holesaw obviously fitted to an arbour, make sure the arbour you use will fit into the drill that you use, some arbours are too large for the drill chuck. Once you have drilled as deep as you can, if it still does not come out, then I then had to burn the rest out!! I used an old gas torch that plumbers use, heated up a small strip of metal and pierced all the way around the bush, it did work but it does take a long time, I also found that if you attach a pair of mole grips on the metal and rotate it will come out. Then you will find rubber in the housing on the car, then you use a round wire brush and attach it to the electric drill and clean the inside, you may need to have sveral of these as they fail quite quickly. When pushing the new ones in, you can use some washing up liquid but not grease etc. Good luck, any probs please ask.

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