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Help With Finding/replacing Door Mirror Interior Plastic Panel

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Didn't really know what to call this part but yeah, basically i've always had trouble with the bit of plastic where the adjustment for the door mirror is (drivers side) on a mk6 fiesta. The mirrors are manually adjusted. The little plastic knob has always been loose on this side, and not on the passenger side, it often falls out and always does if you try and adjust the mirror. I could live with that, but yesterday the whole panel felt a bit loose, so I took it off to try and put it back on more securely, and basically the small plastic clips have broken, and just in general the whole thing won't clip in anymore. The obvious thing would be to replace it, but I can't find this part ANYWHERE. If anyone could link me to this part, or just give me some advice on maybe fixing it myself I would be very very grateful. I will upload some photos tomorrow to show which part I mean if there is any confusion.

Also, I have taken the interior door card off, as I fitted some Speakers in the door quite a while ago. I was having troubles with this part before, but that may have made it worse, if there is anything I have obviously missed or anything I may have done wrong, please let me know!

Thank you, I hope someone can help! It's so frustrating having a massive gap in my interior right next to me :/ !!

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I think the only option you'll have is to go to your local dealers parts counter.

At least then you'll get exactly the right part from their system.

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