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Mark Duncombe

Usb Froze Up On Me...

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Firstly hello to everyone on the forum, I only got the car last week, it's a 2010 fiesta titanium and so far I am impressed. Today though, I experienced a little niggle which I wondered if anyone else had come across.

I was driving home from work and had the radio on. I switched to USB to listen to something I had saved on a memory stick and the screen froze. I tried going back to other external devices, but all that happened was it returned to the screen where the song had froze on me

At the same time, voice activation stopped working, so I switched the stereo off and then tried turning it back on.

I couldn't get it to come back on at all. Phoned the garage and they said they would 'plug it into the computer' on Friday for me.

When I got home, I left the car idle on the drive, and then went back to it half hour later. The USB started working again, as did the voice activation.

Should I be worried? Should I flash the software from the official ford website?

Thanks for any ideas.

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Yes it's worth running through the update:

Any problems in the future and a quicker fix is to unplug the bluetooth&USB module for a minute:

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Had a similar issue a few time (think 4 or 5 times in a year I've had the car) the stereo crashes and does nothing, also has happened when using bluetooth and radio, everything seems to work but nothing comes out of the speaker. Generally it happens when something changes (ir ending a call, changing modes and so on) rather than jsut happening in use.

Ford updated the stereo (and I've since done it again to the latest version) but it's happened since, turning the car off (ignition off so the stereo / head unit powers doen) and back on after a minute clears it.

Not ideal when it happens if your driving but does not seem to be a permenant problem, just very intermittant, which means Ford have pretty much zero chance of finding and fixing it.

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i had similar problem, last week i was at service and there was update for communication module.

p.s. leaving a car for a few minutes was not a solution for me :(

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