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Advice And Help Please On Air Horns Where To Put Them See Pics

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I want the same horns on my mk2 focus and what would be the best colour my car is silver ?

This is a little work i done on my quad just for a laugh really,

I also have a normal horn and switch as air horns would't pass the mot they are very loud.

I have also placed them on the path side just so i can give a few people a heart attack :lol: but i think they do have to be on show.

These don't play a tune they just all blow in 1 go.

But my question is where would you mount 3 horns like this so they are all seen?

Would like a lot of advice to be honest so i could just pick 1 good idea as to what would look the coolest

To anyone that replys tonight and am not on here i will be back to reply chhheeerrrrrrrrrrrrsssss :)





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hate them especialy when txxxs set them off at 2.am waking youre 3yr old up and scaring her.as to the question ive seen them mounted in the plastic trim that attatches to the bumper directly under the front grill

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Yep it is painful wandering where to put them,

Artscott there not an alarm there a horn suppose you could rig them up to the alarm haha thanks thats a good idea tho, And i can't really mount them on the outside as they would get pinched.

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id leave them on the quad mate,

they look good on it, but id purchase one of these Train horns for the focus lmfao i was looking at them before seriously loud and a good force of a tone, not just a toot lol


122Db lmao can you imagine driving up behind a cyclest and sounding the horn for 60 seconds

and you should be able to fit it on either side of the intercooler if you remove the under tray and bolt them in to place then put the under tray back on,

or remove the front lower grill and fit them to the rear of the metal barrier and put the grill back on.

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mine are louder than the 1s you put on lol mine are 125db here they are buy some for a laugh. I jump myself when i press the horn so duno how the victims feel there again yes i do, when i was tightening them up my dad decided to give them ago lol hurts ya ears too.


cheap and cheerful, there staying on the quad but want to order some more for my focus.

Yeah like that take the lower grill out, i wouldnt mind cutting circles out of it so there showing

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