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Ford Focus Mk 2.5 Servicing Question

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I bought a used Focus 1.6 Petol (MK 2.5 - Facelift) in September 2011. I purchased it from a Ford Dagenham Motors dealership.

When I bought the car the car had been given a full service and was at around 20,000 miles. As it is soon approaching a year, I was wonder what sort of servicing I should get done on the car.

The car is now on 29,000 miles.

Firstly should I be getting a FULL SERVICE or an INTERIM SERVICE (whats the difference as well??) Sorry not very knowledgable when it comes to these things.

And also are there any special things that need doing at the kind of mileage the car is now on (29,000-34,000 miles).

Also, should I take it to a Ford dealership for servicing or shall I just take it to my local garage. (I know the price is likely to be quite abit different). OR should I go to a halfords autocentre or kwik-fit etc.

Just another random question, is it necessary to have a service every year?

Anyway I look forward to your responses. Thanks in advance for any help you give.

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It all sort of depends on what service they did at 20,000 miles but check the service history. Ford recommend that you get a service at 25,000 miles (or s years) but check your service history, I brought a focus and at 21,000 miles it had already had this service done. The owners manual has a break down of when your major service intervals should be.

I would always go to a Ford dealer, it helps to know that they will know exactly what they are doing and also it is a good little selling point when you come to move on to your next car if you can show a full service history with dealer approved stamps.

And i would get a service every year at the same time as your MOT, just a basic one should be fine to keep it ticking over and then do the bigger services when the owners manual says. Ford do a basic service and MOT for £129 which I tend to get done.


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Thanks for the response. Yeah think your right about going to dealership, just seems the better thing to do.. Also, I'll have a look at the service and see what the last service was.. If I remember correctly, I think they did the 25,000 service when I purchased the car. So hopefully just an interim one now

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