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My Car/project! Any Advice Appreciated!

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I have a Fiesta mk6 (2005) and I take great pride in my car, instead of wanting to get a new one I just want to keep modifying and updating this one, I love mk6 fiestas. This is my project so far and what I plan to do!

So this is what I started out with:


and inside...


The first thing I wanted to do with my car was upgrade the sound system... as car audio is a personal hobby of mine. So far, I have ...

Vibe Black air sub w/ amp in the boot... for those who are interested, its a vented 12" sub encolsure... there is an amp built in. its a 1600w amp but 550 rms power.


In the front I replaced the stock 5x7 Speakers with some vibe slick 5x7 co axial Speakers, they are very nice Speakers! Decent at producing the high pitched sounds. They are also relatively easy to fit, and are quite cheap compared to say, 6x9s. the added bonus is that they are not on show.



Again, I replaced the back Speakers, which were also 5x7s. This time I went for alpine type-s co axial 5x7s. interesting, despite being the same size, these Speakers seemed to dramatically increase the bass my car was putting out, but not really affecting the treble or mid like the vibes did.

I forgot to take a photo while fitting but you can kinda see them here...


And obviously before I did all this I upgraded my head unit... with the fascia adaptor so I also have a new storage compartment underneath, which is pretty cool. This was a difficult and tricky job but I got there, using on line guides and help from a friend, and I think it looks decent!


So yeah, that's all I've done in regards to audio. In the future I was planning to:

buy a stealth shelf and fit 6x9s (I was looking at the vibe black air 6x9s). I wanted to fit 6x9s before but I realised the stock parcel shelf for fiesta wouldn't fit them in... the only other ones I could find online were the stealth shelves. They are expensive but I will probably do this at some point in the future.

I also wanted to put some tweeters in the front, does anyone have any ideas of where they could go on this car? If anyone has done it before? And how to fit them!

The next thing I plan to do is to get a separate amp to wire up my door Speakers to, and the 6x9s if I get some. At the moment all the door Speakers are obviously wired up to the head unit.

Other than that, the only things I have done to my car are small little things. I like to just customize it a little bit to make it stand out a bit!


This is a pretty nifty little dual-usb port, which I also think looks better than the usual cap-cover thing does, as it is so thin it looks like its actually part of the car.


My blue Ford logo tax disc holder (couldn't resist :P)


And Fiesta car mats which were a great buy. Not only do they look spot on, they were also not much more expensive than normal third party ones, and they fit the car so well, making it easy to clean. The Driver's side one also clips in so it doesn't slip around.

Other things I have got on the way, is a bee sting black/carbon aerial, which i've heard perform better and obviously look better. I've also got some blue metal dust caps on the way... just cos I like things like that! And I have ordered some new number plates, as you can see from the photo my front one currently has a crack in it. Last year on my MOT this came up as an advisory and it has got bigger so I just decided to replace them. Plus it will look better, and the new ones have a blue border and a GB badge!

Some of the other things I plan to do are:

  • Change my windows to electric... i've heard this isn't actually that expensive? I will have to look into it.
  • Potentially change the door mirror adjustment to electric as well.
  • Get the 3 back windows tinted. I've been offered a quote of £130 to do this... I don;t know how reasonable that is... but yeah I think it would good with the colour of my car... and increase security in regards to Speakers.
  • The drivers seat doesn't slide pull forwards (to let people into the back) and my friend reckons its the wire thats broken, and not the actual handle. This annoys me and I want to fix it, but I don't have a clue how to go about it! If anyone knows, please help!
  • Get more small little modifications... like these http://www.ebay.co.u...#ht_3814wt_1270 !

I'll keep the post updated with my progress, and any help, comments and advice is much appreciated!

This is what my car currently looks like...




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From what i see you have chosen a good car to start with.

First things i would do if you really love your car is to deep clean that interior (shampoo the floor and seats etc etc)

Dress the engine bay

Basicly get that car looking immaculate and that would not take a lot considering its great condition.

You can fit ford alloys or aftermarket.

A good choice would be st alloys or zetec s etc etc

Converting to electric windows may work. you need to check what wiring goes up to the a pillar before it goes outside and then into the doors.

£130 is reasonable for tinted rear windows :-)

So basicly improve its appearance first before you start on anything major


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yeah cheers! I do clean the inside regularly but it gets dirty quite quickly... I try to give it a bit of a hoover once a week but I don't own any car shampoo, i'll definitely get some though. In regards to alloys, is it hard work? And how expensive do you think it would be? I would want to get Ford alloys, I think the car looks much better with alloys that have a Ford logo on.

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Ebay is your best bet. unless you are loaded and want to buy from ford.

What i mean is get it steam cleaned inside so it looks new.

Alloys are not hard work.

These are nice (195 50 15")


And these (16" 195 45 16" tyres)


Hope this helps


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