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Is 12000 Miles Too Far For An Oil Change

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I know the service interval for the fiesta zetec diesel is 12500 miles but to me it just seems too long to leave and I feel more comfortable at changing the engine oil at 6000 miles. Right now I'm on the south coast of Spain and my car has done 5000 miles from new, the drive back to England is 2000 miles so wil have done at least 7000 before I'm back home. Is it really ok to leave the oil until its done the full 12500 before change or is this figure just to make the servicing costs seem more affordable in order to help sell the car.

Any advice from anyone with mechanical knowledge would be appreciated, rather than a text book answer.

Thanks :)

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Yes it's fine, modern engines have come on so far in over the years and are built with certain tolerances.

If it couldn't go 12,500 miles Ford would lower the interval. My Dad has a 1.4 Peugeot van and the interval on that is 20k!

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Thanks Nathan, was hoping that you would answer, its just all my previous cars needed a service at around 6k, well thats saved me money cos I was gonna get it changed out here.

Just to cheer you guys up its about 30 C here on the Costa del Sol, and the fiesta has averaged over 61 MPG on the long drive down, although I am using the higher grade diesel as its only 1.35 Euros over here think thats about 1.13 pounds a liter seems as always we pay too much.

Thanks again.......

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I had a 02 Clio Diesel (cracking car) and it was 18K miles or two years for servcies so at 53,000 miles and nearly six years it had only been serviced twice.....

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depends really whether your on a longlife oil or a cheapy. Lots of problems with long service intervals like on fleet vehicles like bmw's and audis where the schedule will be about 20k, but if the normal oil is put it will just clog it all up, will go through turbos and bits like nobodies business :P.

Definately on the diesel, assuming its a 1.4 or 1.6 with the HDI type engine would stick to the high eng engine oils, because the banjo bolts for the turbochargers are ridiculous, about the size of a pin head with a really fine gauze and really do get clogged up if not changed regularly or with the wrong oil.

But yes, in short, castrol type oils good for 12,000 miles, cheapies wouldnt bother touching!

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