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Police Just Stopped Me

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Just bare in mind whatever's going on behind you is someone else's problem :P

Unfortunately not when they plough into you. The reflectors are on the inside of the window surround and are facing up and in, so not obvious unless your sitting right up the bumper. I will plead ignorant if anybody takes offence. It normally works with the missus.

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I'm intrigued by your whites Stoney...

How do they allow you safe passage? I'm not trying to catch you out or cause an argument I promise... I'm just intrigued lol!

Do you have just these or anything else to say what you are and why your doing it?

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They're more for recognition that I'm there rather than get out of my way.

Because one of my dog's is AES trained I do get called out to suspect item finds and locate items for the navy bomb disposal unit in Plymouth.

I don't always have time to go to get my works car so basically I get paid wear and tear for using my own car in there situations.

I also have magnetic signs that show that I'm a dog handler but I try not to use them very often as they can scratch paintwork badly.

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I for one actually agree with lowering to 20 in heavily built up and school areas... as for motorways, lets face it, its 70mph, most do 80mph if not 90... if you raise it, people will always want to go that bit more... if you raise to 100, then people will want to do 110/120... thats one hell of a difference between a lorry doing 50-55, and a car doing 100+... would be nasty if a lorry pulled out in front of you! like hitting a brick wall at 50!

I know modern cars have better brakes, better safety systems etc, but its not like drivers have improved... we humans are still the same as we were 50 years back... its us thats the issue with speed and accidents really...

You could get away with 80 on the motorways, but its probably better to leave it as it is...

I like the European system of a speed limit when dry and another when wet...

There was talk recently (by polititcians/ government) of a raise of the limit on motorways to 80mph, and dropping the national speed limit (60 mph) in rural areas to 40 mph

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