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No Isofix On A 2008 (Mk 2.5) Focus Style Estate??

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Odd. According to the manual - page 25 - all models apart from convertibles have ISOFIX points. Just been having a rummage around as I need to transfer the child seats from the other-half's car into the Focus and I can't locate any. I know the Style is base spec, but the manual says "all models". Behind the seats there's a black polystyrene block that fills the void before the boot floor but there's nothing under that. I've lifted the seats, felt in the space between backrest and seat base, but nothing.

Am I being daft or does this car really not have any, which would be rather disappointing in this day and age :huh:

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Doesnt have the points in the car mate. I know stupid. I upgraded to a five door couple years ago when my baby was due only then to realise this. Joke i thought.

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http://www.focusowners.com/home/forum/viewtopic.php?f=10&t=1001 here's a fitting guide.

The kit can be bought from any Ford parts dealer and costs about £15. It comes with the metal bracket, two torx40 screws and two plastic guides. No instructions or any kind of guidance is given with it.

To fit you need to

- decide what side to put it on in the back, I chose the right hand side so that I could still fold down the double seat section with the baby in the car.

- Lift the bottom part of the seat forward and put the back part down. This makes sure you get best access.

- Use a large flat screwdriver to unlock the hinge near the door. Basically just push the metal catch back as far as it'll go (on my car it had some white paint on the top for some reason)

- Lift the seat up and try to move it out of the way. On my car I couldn't fully remove the seat, just move it.

- Prise the rubber plugs out of the isofix mounting holes.

- Screw the metal bracket in with the loops facing forward.

- Fit the seat hinge back in place and bang down to re-engage the latch.

- Put the seat back to it's normal position.

- The plastic guides are optional and can be put in and taken off very easily. You DO NOT have to cut the seat to fit them in, unlike the C-Max

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blimey. well, thanks for the info people. What I really don't get is the manual states they have isofix!! I think I might just stick with seatbelts to secure the seats, not ideal perhaps but not so bad either.

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