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Cam Belt Or Chain

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I have a 57 plate s max, can you tell me does it have a cam belt or chain its a Zetec TDCI 1.8 model, ive only done around 48k in it but worried in case the cam belt goes.

Also can anyone tell me if they have had problems with the rear windows (Elec) not staying up but going up and down when trying to close them , rendering me useless at keeping then closed. Having to resort to trying to outwit them and turn off engine when i think they are fully up.

Also i have a horrendous cheesy smelly feet smell when i use my air con ( Not Guilty).

Thanks for any help

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hiya,I would think that you have a cambelt,that should be changed every 100,000mls or 10 years whichever comes 1st(if you have a owners manual it should tell you).Regarding your mirrors not sure what the problem is,as regard the air con smell I would have the pollen filter changed.Hope this helps

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Cambelt interval is as stated 100k or 10 years although some err to caution and go for 75 - 80k.

I think you need to check the window regulators or check the sensors that control closing as I believe having electric rear you will have obstruction sensors designed to protect against kids getting trapped in closing windows.

Concerning the AC, new filter and also run a can of vent cleaner through the system to remove bacteria from the system.

Halfords stock some,you turn the AC on and the can discharges into the car and gets circulated through the system.

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i have a 2 ltr tdi version 08,and have been told by tunbridge wells ford who have carried out most of the work on my car that on mine it should be changed at 125k or 10 years.

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