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Broken Clutch Or Gearbox Or Something

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Hello All,

Ok first off, my car has been brilliant to me for the last 4 years.

I talked about how well it has done even though i sometimes thrash it on the motorway or at the lights sometimes, and thinking of selling it to upgrade.

This evening, i came away from a junction rather hard.

And for the rest of the journey, it was extremely hard/impossible to get it into any gear (1,2,3,4,5,R).

The clutch feels different, and shudders on release compared to normal.

I was wondering if anyone knew whats happened and what i could do to rectify it?

A rough estimation on price would also be appreciated.



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I think, but don't quote me, most clutch faces are made up of pads of gripping material. If you 'inadvertently' (officer) dropped the clutch at the lights, you could've knackered one of these, giving you a juddery or not quite biting, then biting sensation.

When I used to drag race / rwyb, I always let the clutch up easy and met the revs. The launch is always the hardest part on the drivetrain. It also isn't always the best way to get away, as you run the risk of losing traction straight off the line, and stuffing your clutch / torque converter and drive train.

Sounds like it at least needs inspecting. But wouldn't be surprised if the clutch needs replacing.

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Thank you for replying, I did assume it was the clutch. (or had an incling)

I'm not tooo fussed if it is the clutch as they are relatively cheap. :)

It is still drivable though just.

Anyone else opinion is more than welcome.

Thanks guys

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