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just thought id say hi as im new here :) show me some love .... :)

Welcome to the forum,

when you get a momment please join photobucket or a similar image hosting website then upload some pictures of your motor and link them to your thread here on the forum,

also check out DMB graphics for some ford badge overlays http://www.dmb.uk.com/cat/22/ford-badges-gel-overlays

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hi thanks for the welcome, i have purchased overlays already :)there a nice touch..

Car looks good mate, i genuinelly like the colour scheme with the alloys and the body.

have you considerd fitting a clear fog light unit and adding an additional reverse light to it,

then change the reverse bulbs to some cree Q5 6000kelvin ones?

overall modification cost around £80 but worth every penny for 110watts of 6000kelvin reverse lighting.

and an ultra flat wiper for the rear would eliminate the metal frame one and sit smoother on the rear end


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hi yeah thanks, that sounds good mod thats new to me is it easy to do i have only 3 spanner rating lol

lol 3 spanner, where did you get the rating mate,

all i get told is that i am a spanner lol.

ive done a guide on the dual reverse modification, in my list of guides below my posts.

and if you read through the thread of the additional reverse you will see a mk2 focus member has shown how to fit dual reverse to that shape of clear fog unit. which is also the same shape as your fog unit. and the wiring principals will be the exact same on your car.

as for the wiper it will be a straight swap just remove the nut and pull the wiper from the cog teeth,

but remember to position the new wiper blade on to the cog teeth in the same location as the existing wiper or it may end up wiping too low or high.

the best way to ensure it is on the correct way,

would be to get the car dirty then change the wiper arm because you will have a line of dirt on the window where the wiper sits

so you can put the new wiper arm on the cog teeth when then new wiper sits just above the line of dirt.

heres some info on fitting taken from the ebay listing previously linked.

To fit lift up nut cover on arm undo 13mm nut

Remove Arm

Remove nut cover from Smooth arm

Fit Smooth Arm

Refit nut

Refit nut cover to smooth arm

The length of Arm AND blade from pivot point to end of blade is approx 17" and the blade used for the conversion is approx 14" long

What you get

1 Plastic Arm with nut cover and blade

you may also like to download my guide on fitting an additional boot light unit, and also on fitting rear footwell lighting.

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sweet n1 thanks for that top geezer.. :) oh and i go by haynes manual ratings any more than 3 im fooked :)


if your following any of the guides and you have any questions feel free to ask and i / we will guide you as best we can.

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Ooh interesting colour scheme, it does work too surprisingly. Brave! Ha.

Welcome, car looks great, whats to do ?

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hi thanks very much, yeah thought what the hell lets go for it with the ktm orange as a friend does powder coating i was pleasantly surprised with the outcome not sure whats next as yet as my motocross takes over at times :) ive got a slight flat spot around 2-3k revs if you know of the issue or anybody see's this post would be gratfull for input but thats it the car is mint just a little annoyin at times :0

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