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Fitting A Dash Cam To A Focus

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#16 talksy


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Posted 21 November 2012 - 09:14 PM

I have got a few minutes, so thought I would post up a couple of images on where I put my camera...

Took off A-pillar to run the power cable: A couple of screw drivers did the job
Posted Image
I then unscrewed the glove box and carefully removed the AUX connector and glove box light plug. I was then able to easily run the cable behind the glove box, up the side of the dash and up the a-pillar.

I ended up positioning my camera just under the rear view mirror. I ran the power cable along the top of the windscreen, behind the roof covering. I left a good 25cm of slack cable incase of any future changes.
Posted Image

Posted Image

The camera lights up a range of different colours. These can be personalised or turned off on the settings. The software is really good, shows GPS location, type of event recorded, gforces etc. Very pleased with it. I did not wire my camera into the fuse box, I have simply left the wire coming out of the foot well, and then I manually plug it into the cigarette lighter each time I get into the car.
I would like to wire it in to the ignition, but havent got a clue on how to do it, so I am thinking of getting one of these so I don't wear out the current cigarette socket...
Posted Image

Lastly, this is a quick view of the software...
Posted Image
It records in very high quality, night or day. Over all, I am very pleased so far.

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#17 Daryll



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Posted 23 December 2012 - 09:24 AM

Bit of a thread resurrection, but I've just bought the Blackvue DR380G HD, so searched on here to see the best way to wire it....

Personally I think its a bit of a con.... in the blurb they say about the "parking mode", (after 10 mins of no movement it goes into "event only" recording), and then say about powering it from the cigar lighter so it comes on when you turn on the ignition..... but if its only on when the ignition is on, parking mode won't work, and you actually have to spend another £50 on their "power magic" hardwiring kit if you want to use parking mode without the risk of flattening your battery.

Having said that, i still think the Blackvue is the best of the dashcams, and once I've figured out the best way to wire it I'll be happy....

So the options are:

1. Plug it in the cigar lighter.... the Focus is constantly live, so it would run all the time...anyone know how long it would take this 3-4 watt cam to flatten the battery..?
2. Hard wire it into an "ignition switched" line, so it only works when the ignition is on.... but then I can't use parking mode.
3. Hardwire it into a constant live line, but put a switch in so I can turn it off if I'm not using the car for a few days.

I'd prefer the idea of it coming on with the ignition, (you can guarentee the one time you forget to manually turn it on, is the day some prat hits you), but I'd also like to occasionally use the parking mode....most of the time the car is parked on my drive or the works car park, so its reasonable safe... its just when I'm at Tesco's i'd turn it on...

I suppose the thing to do it "suck it and see".... try it plugged in the cigar lighter and check the battery voltages over a weekend to see the effect.... if the car still starts on Monday morning, then all is good, and i'll probably go with option 3....

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Posted 26 December 2012 - 11:03 AM

Guys, i am also interested in such an addition to my car, however i was wondering if i can have similar results with a smaller budget.

The cheaper options, are not as small and probably require to hide them away after you park. They also lack of a GPS module, but they do have an LCD screen.

I was wondering if there are any requirements for any video (such as sound, location, quality) to be accepted as evidence in a "scam" case. Also, is the night video of the ones you suggest good enough without IR LED? Can you see numer plates during the night?

#19 andreavda



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Posted 07 June 2014 - 11:21 PM

It's really easy to do, you won't have any problems, shouldn't be any different from the Fiesta. There will probably be airbags, but they won't cause issues.

Just get an additional 12v socket of eBay for a few quid (really cheap), then you can just tap it into the wires for your existing sockets or into some other 12v source, plug in the cam and route the wire up the pillar and down behind the rear-view mirror.

The only problem I *thought* I had initially was that the 12v sockets on the Focus don't appear to go off with the ignition - they're on constantly, so I thought it might drain the battery to have a cam constantlly plugged in, and I wanted to have a source for my additional socket that DID go off with the ignition for that reason. But first I just left it plugged into my current socket for about 2 weeks overnight permanently as a test, and it didn't drain the battery at all, plus I quite like the idea of just recording 24/7 anyway now, so I just tapped into the same source as the current 12v sockets. No big deal biggrin.png.

You don't really need to wire it all the way behind the dash though, you can just have it behind the glove box and tap into the source near the fusebox. Or even just get some piggy-back fuses and plug straight into the fuse box there.


I might as well do that, but for an added peace of mind I'd like that the dashcam shut off when the ignition goes off; do any of you know how to do that ?

#20 GSM


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Posted 08 June 2014 - 12:24 AM

I might as well do that, but for an added peace of mind I'd like that the dashcam shut off when the ignition goes off; do any of you know how to do that ?

Yep, test the fuses in your fusebox until you find one that goes off with the ignition, then simply piggy-back the camera onto that using piggyback fuses.

The solution I went for in the end was to hook straight up to the battery but also buy a Blackvue Power Magic Pro - this device monitors the battery voltage and cuts the camera off if it falls below 11.9V, so you can keep it running for a good few hours when you leave the car without worrying that the battery will be dead the next morning.

Can be expensive at some places but I got mine for £25 on eBay, so was happy to pay that.

#21 Dee_82


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Posted 04 September 2014 - 08:39 AM

Has any one tried making their own? I like the idea but the cams look too big, many of them look like they are just mounted DV cams, screen and all. Ideally I don't mind something mounted to the dash or behind the review mirror, but for rearview id rather have the parking cam mounted on the number plate light rather than an even bigger cam in the front...

I was thinking of buying a separate DVR, something like this

a rear parking cam, like this


an a small CCTV cam mounted wherever I can put it in the front. Running the wires is fine but I like a simple life an id rather find something like that in a box on a shelf without buying from the four corners of the earth.


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