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At Constant Speed Car Speeds Up And Slows Down (Surging?) Plus ...

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Fusion 1.6 petrol 03 plate manual

When maintaining constant speed 40 or 50 mph the car will feel like it's driving through lines of treacle, slowing then speeding up every few meters. Taking foot off accelerator and the surging stops so i assume it is not sticking brakes. I do not notice any difference in rpm or in engine sound

There is an audible "chh" when pressing accelerator quickly or changing gear which the garage noted last service when they had air filter out (I hear it all the time)

Also clutch release bearing squeels especially when pulling off and car kangaroos in reverse and i feel (rather than hear) a knocking when pulling off in 1st regularly

Finaly between 50 and 55mph the drive is very rough whether in gear or in neutral which i assume is wheel balancing or tracking?

These are maybe related or individual annoyances but can anyone shed any light on the above problems and what is needed to rectify them?

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