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Mk6 Fiesta Remote Central Locking

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Hi mate wow this thread brings back memories... Iv had a 2 mgzrs 2golfs a Laguna and my current BMW since I had this fiesta, you need to go for the grey plug that has the 2 blue indicator wires in it, one may be blue and red... I think? Let me know how it goes :)

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Richbaker thanx for the reply. My grey plug on the GEM has 2 black n green thin wires. Tried poking my unlock wire in to both but neither works. I have the lock working but only on 3 passenger doors not the drivers. I'm thinking this bits linked to not being a complete system yet ( no unlock connected).

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I'll just check for a thread on here I'm sure I put a photo on of my wires but I have no idea where sorry I can't rember much about it other than it was s job that was really annoying! Lol

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I was just on my way out yesterday so didn't want to start diving into the diagrams.

The connector you want is C316, it is shown as being Black (BK) but possible to now to be Grey. You will find the colour code at the top of each connector pic.

C317 GN = Green,

C318 BU = Blue,

C319 WH = White

C320 BN = Brown

The unlock switch contact is shown as wire colour BK/GN, Black/Green and goes to pin 11 of GEM connector C316

FYI, if you do look at the wiring diagram the connector number if not shown to the right of the wire you follow the dashes to the next pin to find the connector number.

Look at the connector pic C316 to locate PIN 11

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Dan, thanx. I've emailed pics to work and printed them off so much easier to see. And with your explanation all very clear, thanx again. For my confirmation, can you pse tell me the block/pin for the lock and the indicators? (To be sure I'm on the right ones). Also have you managed to get window roll up and tailgate working on the Fiesta????

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The lock wire is PIN 10 of connector C317 Black/Orange wire

As for the Tailgate and Indicator wiring, it depends on the central locking kit you have.

If its talking about negative locking for the tailgate its PIN 14 of connector C320

For the indicators, if they want you to connect to to the left and right hand lamps its

PIN 6 & 7 of connector C318

Window roll up, again depends on the locking kit.

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Hi does anyone have photos of how they have fitted the wires? I bought a kit off ebay which has been in my car for ages now as i have not been brave enough to fit as been hoping a tutorial guide might appear. Any help would be much appreciated.

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I'm looking into the same as above. I want a kit that does remote central locking for my mk6. All doors work correctly. I've no idea how to fit it myself wondering is it something a garage could fit easily for me? or would it need to be a specialist ?

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I emailed Rclick who advised I also got help from Dan62

Ford Fiesta MK5: (2002-2007)
Transponder immobiliser fitted as standard on all models
Siren Location - n/s suspension strut
Harness Entry - Main harness grommet n/s bulkhead
Chassis Ground - Main earth points bottom of o/s or n/s A pillars
Permanent Supply - Heavy red wire located at ignition switch or orange/green (Pin 1) wire located in blue multiplug in o/s under dash \"GEM\" module
Ignition Supply - Green/yellow (Pin 3) wire located in white multiplug of \"GEM\" module
Starter Immobilisation - n/a
Ignition Immobilisation - n/a
Fuel Pump Immobilisation - n/a
Hazards - Blue (Pin 6) and blue/red (Pin 1) wires located in grey multiplug of \"GEM\" module
Door switches - Black/blue (Pin 3) wire located in grey multiplug of \"GEM\" module

Boot/tailgate switch - n/a
Bonnet Switch - Fit switch
Central Locking - Negative Central Locking

Lock - Black/orange (Pin 10) wire located in green multiplug of \"GEM\" module
Unlock - Black/green (Pin 11) wire located in green multiplug of \"GEM\" module
Boot release - Black/yellow (Pin 14) wire located in green multiplug of \"GEM\" module

Window Closure - Positive up
o/s/f - Test!
n/s/f - Test!

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Just seen your post and there are a few errors in it.

The unlock wire you have given as the Green connector is the GREY one, the wire colour and pin number are correct.

Again, the boot release is the BROWN connector and not the green connector,the wire colour and pin number are correct.

Above errors are easy mistakes to make if you don't read the diagrams correctly.

As for the indicator lamps, they differ from the pins I gave but either work, its just that I gave the feed wires for the front and the others are for the rear.

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i finally (this week) fitted my kit, the boot popper does nt work i think i ve got the wrong wire tried  Boot release - Black/yellow (Pin 14) wire located in green multiplug of \"GEM\" module but it does not pop, but works fine off the button on the dash still. I just wondered if any one knows what wire in the gem is for the power window up? 


Cheers, thanks for all those that have supplied me with info on this. Even as it is it is so good to finally have remote locking 

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Posted 1 hour ago (edited)

Good Day Guys forum members and Experts.

I'm Darren From South Africa. I really need some help / advise as to install a Remote Central locking KIT, I have Ford Fiesta 1.4 Duratec  2004 with key central locking. the locks on driver and passenger are damaged and have to gain access via the dam boot every day.

I bought a basic central locking with remote KIT and was trying to install it today but that failed Horribly and ended up popping a few fuses on the Control box. 

I had the Red wire connected on a Constant 12v supply from the GEM wire and Black earth wire to the Steering Colum bolt tested the earth with a multi metre. there are 5 wires on the Harness that got to the Master Solenoid- White, Brown, Green, Blue and Black Earth. I want to use the existing solenoids already factory fitted. There are to other wires a white and a brown that were not part of the solenoid wires that get 12v when the Unlock and Lock buttons are pressed on the Remotes. I connected those to the Blue and Blue/Red wire on the GEM first plug Dark Grey. there is a thin Green/Black wire in the Grey GEM plug which is UNLOCK I connected the Blue wire and then connected the Green wire to the Orange/black wire in the Second Plug of the GEM for LOCK. The Indicators work when I press the remote lock/Unlock perfect and easy... Now I can hear the doors lock and unlock but it keeps blowing the fuse on the Control box the other White and Brown wire that goes to the Master Solenoid seems to have a 4.5v on both wires constantly 

I hope this kinda explains my problem a little I am not sure what to do now. the Blue and Green wire I connected for to the GEM both also get a 12v kick when I press the LOCK and UNLOCK buttons on the Remote same as the White and Brown I connected to the indicators...

Please if anyone can assist me or advise I'm lost now and not sure what to do 

Thanks Guys much appreciated 




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