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Mk3 55 Reg 2.0 Tdci 130 Bhp Engine Cutting Out

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Hi, im praying someone on here can help me with my ford mondeo ( reg etc is in the title)

The problem started about 3 weeks ago, Driving home the car suddenly cut out, it started again straight way ran for about 10 minutes or so and again just cut out. The car is not going in to limp home mode, it just cuts out as tho you have turned it off with the key.

The AA took it to a diesel fuel injecton engineers they couldnt fix the problem but this is what they said....

All systems check pump pressure ok

Injector back leak checked ok

Tried a new regulator valve no defferance

Fitted a new fuel filter

Possible electrial fault

So then took the car to an auto electrian and the only fault that came back was a fuel pressure fault, but accordiing to the first garage the fuel pump has been checked and its fine. They advised to take the car to a ford garage.

It then got took to a ford main dealer, and they came back and said it was

fuel pump is worn and the injectors are worn, both of these have been checked and also was said to be fine by the first garage.

The ford garage is saying its going to cost around the £2000 mark to fix it. but im not convinced about what there saying.

Any ideas to what the problem could be would be greatly apperciated.

Many thanks


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Hi there. Re your cutting out. You've had various tests done and nothing found. Try unplugging your MAF sensor and see how you go. I'm no expert or mechanic but my experiance of such a problem was simply cured with a new MAF sensor and as suggested by many then MG ZT owners who had similar probs. Good luck.

If it does turn out to be the MAF then look up Tuning-Diesels, they're cheaper than a new MAF.

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