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Retrofit Auto Lights And Wipers

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Thanks. I'm pretty happy with it. I'll try to figure out something with the windscreen next year, I believe by the end of the year my insurance will be renewed, so I'll try to get my windscreen covered as well. And then, during the summer, I'll probably get it replaced. I ruled out replacement brands, so this is the easiest way to get Ford OEM glass...(and yeah, I know that replacements are probably the same quality as Ford's, but I want it to have it Ford's logo on it, so it won't raise any questions or doubts when selling the car, for example...)

In the meantime I have to figure out the locking/unlocking thing that's left after changing the GEMs and maaaaayyyybeee the footwell lights, like I mentioned in previous post. And, also changing the front centre grille on the CC bumper, but that's a whole different story. :)

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Well, I found the missing connectors! Ford tapped them up right long the centre by the rear dome light!

I had assumed that was the cables for the lights but as it turns out it wasn't, hands are utterly shredded trying to get them out!

anywho, after a quick test I can get the rain sensors working, by the lights might be more troublesome,

With the option for auto lights turned off the Auto setting turns on the side lights, with the option turned on it doesn't appear to work, I am not overly sure I've found the correct ELM settings though, if anyone has any screen grabs it would be useful.

So, close but no cigar, I think at this point ill just get the window replaced when I get the chance and sort the lights later.

Oh one other thing, whilst digging around I found another connector on the roof, a red one, taped up above the drivers seat, anyone know what that's for, its not the ones that sit at the dome lightm I have those as well

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Good job finding the connectors! Told you they'll be there! :)

If your wipers are working in "AUTO" mode, then the lights should be as well. All revisions of the sensor support both functions. When it's all configured well, then with the light switch in "AUTO" position, when it's light outside, no lights are on*, then when it gets darker, sensor turns on lights on whole car, that means parking, low beam, back and interior lights (illumination).

Here are some screenshots from various software that can be used to turn the sensor function on/off (I tried all of them, all working):


The unknown connector might be airbag? It would help to see it, and perhaps it's location - now it's just my guess based on could be also wire for intrusion sensors (alarm system), if you currently don't have it installed.

* addition:

1. if you have "external" DRLs, which you do, they are the ones that are on. And turn off with turning on parking lights, as they should be doing now.

2. you can also use Ford's own DRL system, mainly used in Scandinavian countries I believe, not sure about legality of these in UK/elsewhere. Basically this means that low beams are on at approx. 80-85% and that's it. Nothing else is on. I can provide details on how to get them running if wanted. It can all be done with few fuses, relay and one resistor wire. Though I believe it's already written either here, on in other similar topic here on forums.

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Cheers for that, yeah, you were right, I traced the green wires up the pillar over to the dome light then back to the rear, couldn't reach far enough back so popped the rear dome light off an found them stuck down solid!

I had the right options checked but it was all Hanging from the roof and I was in a hurry so perhaps it wasn't sitting right.

I'll see if I can get a picture of the red plug another day, it was firmly glued to the liner right above the drivers seat, initially I thought it was one of the ones for the sensor but the plug an wires were all wrong, love these surprises, every plug not In its a hole is a potential mod waiting to happen!

Now for the expensive bit, I've got several chips and picked up a large one the other day, along with a wiper scratch across it the window, so it is past its best but the excess is still fairly steep :/

Something I have noticed tho is my Dashcam might have problems being mounted to the window with this new mirror, shall have to see what can be done.

Thanks again, much appreciated

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You're very welcome ;)

About the dash cam, I would have to see that, but I belive you should be able to mount it without any problems...and with the cover on the sensor, you are able to hide the wires going to it all nicely ;)

The best way to test the lights is simply grab the sensor with your hands while still hanging from the roof, cover it all up and you should see the lights turn on...then let it go and the lights should turn off again...with this sensor, there's nothing "between", so not just parking lights on, or something like that.

Oh, and maybe I would try it with your DRLs turning completely off when parking lights are on, not just dimming, if that's your case...I know that yours might be able to do it, as most of this type for Mk2.5 are...

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I'm not sure about the loom itself, but I believe that experienced electrician shouldn't have problem with wiring it using unoriginal connectors.

In my experience, if you buy a second-hand sensor, it's a good chance that it comes with part of the wire already plugged into the sensor with the correct connector. Then all you need to do, is to extend the wires all the way to the GEM and then just "add" them to the current connector - that's the part when electrician comes in handy if you're not experienced enough to do so yourself :)

And you end up basically with the same thing as the original wiring. No need to wire it all again, it's a lot of wires and you don't need to change them, you just need to add few more.

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