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Different Looking Key To My Mondeo? Help!

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Hi. My 1999 mondeo estate only has one key and it looks different to the keys in the manual. Mine has only two buttons on it , one with a triangle and the other with two. I've took it to pieces to fit a new battery but it had 3 in it, and the manual said it has one cr3032??. Also over the little bulb is a red piece of plastic and a 4 digit code number and sticker. Can Anyone help at all with this ?. Dont know whick batteries to fit etc.

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hi there this might be of some use to you chap as theres diff setup look at bottom of this to see list of keys on link.

the 4 didgit is the code for the key regards pete

Obtain all keys fitted with remote control.

Turn ignition switch from position 0 to position II 4 times within 6 seconds.

Turn ignition switch to position 0.

The system will emit an acoustic signal to indicate start of programming mode.

Programming mode activated for 10 seconds proceed as follows:

Press and hold lock, unlock or boot release button.

Wait for acoustic signal (indicates correct programming).

Repeat above procedure within 10 seconds to program remaining keys.

To exit programming mode:

Turn ignition switch to position III or wait 10 seconds.



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Hi Peter,

do you know if this process works only for new keys or will it work for reprogramming a second hand key

Thanks in advance


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The posted procedure will set the key up to operate central locking but WILL NOT programme the transponder on a second key for the immobiliser.

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