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Iphone 5

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Hi guy's. I got my luurrvveellyy iPhone 5 last Friday. Today I had a play with TomTom on it. I don't know if it's an iOS 6 fault or an iPhone 5 fault but I couldn't get any sounds through the car stereo as I used to with my iPhone 4. I still have my 4 with iOS 6 on it and my have a go with that tomorrow.

I checked Fords website and it looks like the latest bluetooth update is still from April which I have already. I haven't managed to try any music yet either.

My phone features are fine through bluetooth, no problem at all with that. I don't think TomTom has updated itself for iOS 6 yet. Has anyone else had any issues with an iPhone 5 and bluetooth? As you can see my car is a 59 plate with the top end Ford stereo, not the Sony one.

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Ah, I just checked the TomTom version history in the app store and it seems it did update very recently sometime and since then people have had trouble streaming it's instructions over various bluetooth car audio systems. I'll have a go with my music tomorrow and report back.

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Have you tried pressing the AUX button on your car stereo? I haven't used TomTom for iPhone but I have been using the built in Apple sat-nav that comes with iOS6 on my iPhone 4S with no trouble. Works a treat over bluetooth and I can even play music from iPhone whilst using the Sat Nav. The music cuts out briefly when spoken instructions are played.

When in the AUX mode just hold down the home button on your iPhone - then tell Siri to "navigate me to (say placename) and it will automatically create a new route. I'm not sure if the phone is using the car's handsfree mic or the phone mic, but it seems to work ok without having to hold the phone up to your mouth so long as there's not too much road noise.

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Got it working fine, just needed to have some music on the phone and it works the same as before. I just tell the car to play from bluetooth then open tomtom and if needed pause the music and I get everything over the car stereo then.

I will testing it on my to work in the week as with my iPhone 4 the sound would cut out after a few mins.

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