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Antifreeze - Top Up?

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Looking for some advice regarding coolant. Just noticed on my mums fiesta that the coolant level is sitting slightly under the minimum level. The car runs with no overheating issues but I was wondering if I should top up the antifreeze or do I just add a bit of water?

It is a 2007 fiesta zetec with 17k on the clock.

I am getting a bit confused with whether it is ok to just top up the level or does it need emptied and refilled with new antifreeze? Some information says that it should be changed at 5 years but other information online says that Ford antifreeze should be ok for 10 years??

I am sure that last year when the car got serviced the coolant was checked and it was ok. Can anyone confirm that Ford antifreeze is now all purple in colour and is ok to mix it with the current antifreeze that is in the car which appears to be a pinkish colour.

Ay advice is appreciated.

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Yes both the pink and purple coolants are fine to mix. Just top it up with coolant and keep an eye on it

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